We’ve all been there. At the counter of our favorite pot shop, feeling the pressure to pick something, with more and more people lining up behind us.

What do you do? You ask a budtender of course. But instead of waiting until you’re both on the spot to ask a budtender, hear what they have to say about concentrate right now, and come to the pot shop prepared.

Narnia Honey Crystal by Oleum

Chris Arellano is a budtender at Uncle Ike’s White Center location. The cannabis connoisseur shared some of his thoughts on Narnia Honey Crystal by Oleum 

Notes from Chris:

Genetics: “A Sativa dominant hybrid, Narnia is a cross of two old school sativa strains: Trainwreck and Jack Herer.”

Texture: “This extract from Oleum has that classic Honey Crystal chunky-sugary consistency, with a lemon yellow translucent hue.”

Fragrance: “Like the way it looks, the nose from this Narnia is super lemony and a little sweet, with hints of floral and even eucalyptus notes.”

Flavor: “The taste is lemony sweet on the inhale, a bit floral on the exhale, and has a spice aftertaste that reminds me of turmeric.”

Effects: “After dabbing this I noticed an immediate head change. I could tell it was a sativa hybrid by the fact I had instant energy and a drive to either go on a hike or grind on some video games. The high was pretty spacey and felt like my mind was going for a hike. Couldn’t sleep for a while after so it’s definitely a daytime strain.”

Overall Recommendations: “I would recommend this strain to anyone who likes Lemony strains and active, body-moving and mind-stimulating highs”

Delta 8 Distillate by Oleum

JC Caris is a budtender at Uncle Ike’s. He recently tried Delta 8 Distillate from Oleum and shared some of his thoughts on the product.

Notes from JC:

Packaging: “I love tankers/syringes when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck on concentrates.”

Flavor: “Now most retail distillates tend to have sharp tastes or honey like consistencies but this Delta 8 feels like a science experiment in your mouth. It’s film-like and thick at the same time and basically tastes like nothing. Even smoking it in a joint with  flower tends to be more like a flavorless distillate except it’s a lot harder to roll with.”

Effects: “Now for the actual high, it’s very similar to the delta 8 Smokiez. Delta 8 also pairs well with THC/CBD for an even wider effect. This product helps a lot with my back pain but with the near 1:1 ratio of delta 8 to 9 it makes it hard to hit the dosage I need for my back pain and not be totally blitzed on delta 9. I wish it was a stronger delta 8 ratio like the Smokiez. But for days off mixing this in with my regular CBD routine is life-saving. It adds to the body relaxation and even, calming my mood.”

Overall Recommendations: “Fantastic unique product. I hope to see more delta 8 products be developed.

Cheese Au Jus from Leafwerx

Ben Wright is a budtender at Uncle Ike’s. He recently tried Cheese Live Resin Au Jus from Leafwerx and shared some of his thoughts on the product.

Notes from Ben:

Flavor:  I love the oil, perfect for any fan of the old school musky cheese flavor. The stupid high terp numbers actually seem accurate.

Packaging: On to the packaging, the reason I bought it. I have to say it doesn’t work as well in practice. The tube is small and easy to work with but it’s difficult to measure out a smaller dab of that’s all you want. It seems like I get a little oil on the outside of the tube every time and then it’s sticky and gross. The lid is difficult to get on and off once you use it which is also a drawback. 

Value: The price point on these is incredible.

Overall Recommendation: I think it may be some of the most flavorful oil I’ve had in a while, so I would probably buy it again. And I would definitely sell it to someone looking for some reasonably priced oil with an unreasonable amount of flavor!