Frosting Cured Resin Cartridge by Leafwerx
Frosting Cured Resin Cartridge by Leafwerx
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  • THC: 67.05%


Leafwerx has an extremely helpful color-coded guide for its cartridges, that’s featured on its elegantly-designed packages. This Frosting Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx is blue AKA enjoy (hybrid indica). Aside from the creative and informational visual guide, the package was also full of other helpful info such as the AVD ceramic cartridge, which heats the concentrate fast while maintaining the terpene-rich flavor profile. Considering Cured Resin is Leafwerx’s high terpene extract, the luxury hardware is essential. The package also explains that the extract is made from a single source of cannabis, which is free from pesticides and heavy metals, and the extract uses only cannabis-derived terpenes and is free from additives and cutting agents.


This cute little cartridge is sturdy and well built. The extract has a nice light color. First impressions for cartridges are limited, as even terpene-rich concentrate like this cartridge can’t be inhaled.


The Frosting Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx lives up to the terpene heavy hype. The first drag delivers an amount of flavor I’ve never experienced with any other cannabis product. The extract comes from flower that has seen the sun, and it tastes like it. This high terpene extract showcases the sun-grown flavors. The genetics are also well-suited to this concentrate, Frosting is a cross between GSC and Durban Poison, and the flavors on this are a complex mix of sweet, vanilla-pastry with a hint of spicy earthiness. The cartridge hit like a dream, heating up quickly without decimating the flavor or being harsh. The effects were uplifting and joyful, definitely high-functioning. But it still definitely provided the chill. It was the best of both worlds in terms of high.


When it comes to flavor, high, and price, this Frosting Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx is top-notch. If terpene heavy indica hybrid cartridges are your thing, this is the one for you- and even if you don’t normally go for that kind of thing this might be the product that changes your mind.