Ketamine-assisted therapy is becoming more commonplace throughout the country. And of course, Seattle is a hot spot. But considering it’s not covered by insurance and is extremely expensive, it’s not at all accessible to most folks yet. If you’re wondering what your options are in the Seattle area, here is a list of some of the ketamine clinics in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Hopefully, this will help potential patients find the right clinic for them.

Salish Seas Counseling

Location: Seattle (Wallingford) and Mountlake Terrace

About: Salish Seas Counseling is the practice of Scott Ross, MA, LMHC. The clinic offers psychedelic integration therapy, as well as ketamine-assisted therapy. Areas of treatment focus include anxiety, depression, trauma, spiritual and religious concerns, migraines, healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling substance use (i.e. mindful cannabis use). 

Cost: Intake Session: $120 (most insurance accepted), Ketamine sessions- $850 per session, 3 Session Package- $2400, sliding scale is available.

AIMS Institute

Location: Seattle (Eastlake)

About: AIMS Institute offers all kinds of experimental therapy including Ketamine-assisted therapy. The Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) team consists of an MD, two ARNP’s, and two psychotherapists. Therapy is offered for both pain, and psychotherapy purposes.

Cost: Individual KAP-$655, Ketamine-Magnesium pain infusion-$305, Ketamine-Cannabis Pain Psychology Treatment- $405, Individual Tele-KAP $455.

Acute Pain Therapies

Location: Bellevue

About: Acute Pain Therapies’ ketamine treatment has a large focus on pain management. Ketamine treatments are only one of many alternative pain management treatments the clinic provides. The clinic offers ketamine treatments for depression and chronic pain. According to its website, Acute Pain Therapies’ Dr. Zachary Fisk’s treatments offer an alternative to opiates for those with chronic pain.

Cost: Not listed.

NW Ketamine Clinics

Location: Seattle (Central District), Bellevue

About: NW Ketamine Clinics treats a wide variety of issues with ketamine, including depression, PTSD, pain syndromes, OCD, anxiety, and migraines. The clinic was the first 100% dedicate ketamine treatment facility and aims to make patients feel as if they’re receiving a spa treatment, not a medical one. The lovely facility and experienced staff have made it one of the more popular ketamine clinics in Seattle. 

Cost: Not listed.

Ketamine Wellness Centers

Location: Federal Way

About: Ketamine Wellness Centers is part of a larger chain, with locations in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and Washington. The Washington clinic has a small staff which includes two support dogs named Owen and Sadie. The clinic treats depression, neuropathic and chronic pain, PTSD, OCD, and suicidality. 

Cost: Mental health treatment- $500 per infusion, pain treatment- $750 per infusion.

Sacred Encounters

Location: Seattle (Wallingford), and Whidbey Island

About: Sacred Encounters is home to Salish Seas Counseling, as well as some other practices that offer ketamine-infused therapy. In addition to Scott Ross, Janet Elizabeth Colli, Ph.D., and Thomas Edward Beck, Ph.D., and Rafael Gonzalez-Vizoso, M.D., provide ketamine-assisted therapy at Sacred Encounters. If you’re looking for an experience that most closely mirrors psychedelic therapy in its practice, Sacred Encounters is it. This practice is by far the most dedicated to fulfilling deeper, more spiritual needs with treatment, as opposed to the more dry clinical environments offered by other clinics. 

Cost: See Scott Ross’ pricing, others not listed.

Point Ketamine

Location: Seattle (Downtown), Bellevue

About: Point Ketamine is another chain, with several additional locations throughout California. This clinic focuses on treating depression and chronic pain, and also offers Esketamine nasal sprays, which was recently FDA approved. The treatment appears to be very medical and clinical in nature, which may be a comfort and selling point to some. But if you’re looking for a hippie-dippy, psychedelic experience, this is likely not the clinic for you. 

Cost: Not listed. 

Serene Ketamine Clinic

Location: Tacoma (University Place)

About: Serene Ketamine Clinic is another pain-focused clinic, that also treats mental health issues with ketamine. The clinic offers ketamine treatment for pain syndromes, migraines, major depression (including postpartum depression), PTSD, bipolar depression, OCD, and severe Anxiety. Medical Director Kristopher Brown, ARNP, CRNA also provides nutritional therapy and Low Laser Light Therapy. 

Cost: Not listed. 


So much has changed since the first time I snorted illegally veterinarian-procured ketamine and played with a Lite-Brite a decade and a half ago. Ketamine has shown legitimate promise treating a wide variety of mental and physical ailments. It turns out, drugs make you feel good. Who knew? 

Ketamine treatment is in what feels like the exciting early stages, like medical cannabis in the early 2000s. It will be fascinating to see how a unique and interesting drug like ketamine continues to play out in medical settings. For now, these ketamine clinics in Seattle offer a glimpse into what it will look like moving forward.


Photo by Leilani Angel