Primate OG Live Resin
Primate OG Live Resin by Northwest Harvesting Co.
First Impressions
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  • THCA: 83.01%
  • THC: 1.89%
  • CBDA: 0.25%
  • CBD: 0.0%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 85.15%


The packaging for this Primate OG Live Resin by Northwest Harvesting Co. is pretty standard concentrate packaging. The plastic container that holds the teeny glass jar and silicone lids, you know it well if you dab. The color and the design of this package were attractive. The red-pink hue is unique and eye-catching, and the earthy leaf-based logo is cute. The nice thing about the standard concentrate packaging is that the plastic is recyclable, and the jars can be reused for other things. As far as the information provided, the package displays the fact the strain- Primate OG, and the fact that the strain is a sativa. The cannabinoid info on the label is pretty standard, just the THCA, THC, CBD, and CBDA percentages.


The texture of this primate OG Live Resin by Northwest Harvesting Co. is a perfect prototypical live resin texture. A little goopy, with some crystally chunks. It’s a nice amber color. The fragrance was more subtle than some live resins, but pleasant and apparent nonetheless. The scent was sweet and somewhat reminiscent of bananas. Despite being sticky, as live resin is wont to do, it was still easy to work with and get on the dab nail.


This OG Live Resin by Northwest Harvesting Co. dabbed great! It was smooth, and created ample clouds. The flavor wasn’t really my thing, but it might be for someone else. To me, it tasted like artificial banana flavor- which almost has a petro tinge to it. I personally really dislike anything that tastes like banana that isn’t banana, but a fellow sampler who does enjoy that type of flavor loved it. So it all depends on your palette. The high was that of a powerful sativa. It was a strong head high, that also provided a nice little burst of physical energy. It’s perfect for outdoor excursions, creative projects, or anything that requires a little reset and boost of energy for maximum enjoyment.


This OG Live Resin by Northwest Harvesting Co. has a cute, standard package, a nice texture and scent, and a strong banana-esque flavor. The high is a powerful sativa high, that those who prefer a perky high will enjoy. A strong sativa live resin dabbers will enjoy.