Cherry OG by Weedbush Lovers
Cherry OG by Weedbush Lovers
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Cherry OG by Weedbush Lovers


  • THC: 20.3%%
  • CBD: 0.0%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 20.3%


This friendly ounce of flower was eye-catching for several reasons. First of all the lovely shade of avocado green piqued my interest. Why don’t more cannabis producers use green in their brand? It’s every stoners’ favorite color! The window on the front that is shaped like a bud, or a head of curly hair, is also unique and interesting. The back of the package features a Jerry Garcia-esque man smoking a joint, with his green, bushy hair and beard overtaking him, so it looks like a face, with John Lennon glasses smoking a joint, just peaking out of a bud. I like it, it’s different, and clearly targeted to a more mature demographic. The package provides minimal info, bare minimum cannabinoid percentages, and the fact that it’s sun-grown are displayed on the package, but that’s about it. For the price point though, that seems about right.


This Cherry OG by Weedbush Lovers explained its namesake as soon as the pouch was opened. While the flower isn’t that pungent or loudly scented, it does have a prominent sweet cherry fragrance. It’s the first thing you’ll notice when giving this flower a once over. The buds are large and dense, and the trim job is nice and close. The color is remarkable, a sort of deep, chocolatey purple. The stems and bottoms of the sugar leaf are green, but almost the entire bud is purple, which is pretty cool. The harvest date on the package was in November 2019, and the bud still felt nice and fresh, not overly dry. The buds broke apart easily but required some effort to grind into smokable chunks.


Several consumption methods were used to sample this Cherry OG by Weedbush Lovers, including a water pipe, dry pipe, and joints. My favorite method was the water pipe, which really accentuated the delicate sweet cherry herbal flavor. The flower took a bit to get cherried, but once it did, it hit like a champ! The high was mellow, and perfect for those of us who love getting high but don’t want to incapacitate ourselves. This flower provided a nice body high. It helped reset my mind and body after sitting all day, and get me up and moving. Not necessarily because it was an energetic high, it wasn’t particularly. But because with the mental and physical stress alleviated, I was able to function better physically. Outdoor flower tends to be perkier in general, for me anyway. You can feel all the goodness of soil and sunshine in your body.


The reason I chose to sample this Cherry OG by Weedbush Lovers, is because it had the highest THC percentage for an ounce at a good price. It was a bit o a gamble, and it paid off. This flower was exactly what I wanted. Clean, tasty, and powerful enough to work, but not so strong it’ll knock you on your ass.