Finley Girl Kief
Finley Girl Kief by Farm Girl
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  • THC: 33.7%
  • CBD: 0.0%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 39.0%


The packaging for Finley Girl Kief by Farm Girl is simple, straightforward, and cute. The pouch is small and black, with an adorable old-school farm girl for the logo. It contains all the necessary info and even a little extra about the lack of pesticides and harsh chemicals present in the product. The kief comes in a plastic container, nothing special but it works great. The packaging is a little basic, but it is cute and effective and that’s what counts.


It’s impressive how much kief comes in a gram! The somewhat large kief container was chock full! The picture doesn’t reflect this because I’d already consumed quite a bit before I took it. One of the nice things about kief is that it retains some of that floral scent from the flower while providing a bit more high. This kief has a subtle pungent aroma that is pleasant and alluring. The texture is especially nice, dry, fluffy, and easy to work with. Whether by putting it in some butter and cooking with it, or sprinkling it on top of a bowl. It will do what you want without making a mess.


I consumed this Finley Girl Kief by Farm Girl by sprinkling it on top of some flower and smoking it. So my experience was different depending on which flower it complemented. There were a few qualities that remained constant. The flavor, like the scent, was nice and pungent, yet subtle. The kief smoked well it didn’t catch on fire like kief sometimes does, but it did keep burning well and not go out, which was handy. The high was very flower-like, but with added intensity. Kief, and this kief, in particular, is a perfect solution for high-tolerance flower smokers. It adds some extra oomph without knocking your socks off like dabs. Plus it has the added perk of tasting and smelling more like flower, and not requiring an elaborate setup to smoke.


This Finley Girl Kief by Farm Girl was on sale at Uncle Ike’s for $5 a gram, and I feel like I got some major bang for my buck with this product. Smells good, tastes good, and smokes well. It’s hard to think of any other product providing that much high without harsh chemicals for $5.