It’s coming up on the second month of a stay at home order. You’ve watched every funny show on Netflix. You’ve baked all the bread. Your thumbs are bruised and blistered from the high volume of video games you’ve been playing. Checking your social media feed is giving you an anxiety attack instead of a reprieve.

What you need is an escape from reality. “The Untold Story of Tim Nendo and The Nintendo Entertainment System,” the pilot episode of the new mockumentary series Hidden Histories is here to lift your spirits.

The Untold Story of Tim Nendo and The Nintendo Entertainment System

In the vein of other mockumentary-style comedies like Spinal Tap and Documentary Now, Hidden Histories lovingly pokes fun at conspiracy theorists and gamers, while sneaking in real facts.

The 16-minute fake history lesson premiers today and is the perfect absurd escape from reality we all need. The film tells the story of a hapless grifter who tries to fake his way to gaming history. The fake games at the end are worth the watch alone.

If you’re a fan of documentaries, real or fake, you’ll appreciate this short. Only legitimate fans of Ken Burns could recreate the ‘pan and scan’, found footage edit, and narration style so hilariously over-the-top yet realistically.

By Stoners, For Stoners

It’s no secret that weed and conspiracy theories and weed and comedy all go together exceptionally well. The combination of a spoof conspiracy theory mockumentary on Nintendo video games is basically like stoner catnip. Well, I guess weed is the catnip in this scenario. More like bird watching for a cat.

You can’t not watch it. It has everything.

Writer and composer Shawn Parke told The Sesh about the project’s cannabis connection.

“It is stoney and we were stoned every step of the way,” Parke revealed.

Which makes this the perfect weekend stay-at-home viewing for stoners.

The Creators
Tom Dell and Shawn Parke authored the script, working remotely during their ample free time lately. Parke’s background in film and general nerddom helped add to the overall narrative.
The musical score is by film composers Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke and adds to the legitimacy and authenticity of the project.
Where to Watch
You can watch the video right here:

You can also watch and subscribe for more content on Hidden Histories Youtube Channel.

Be sure to like the Hidden Histories Facebook page as well.

Curated Cannabis Content 

Times are tough! Laughing is good for you, and we hope this helps. Free content that is perfectly catered to stoners is a beautiful thing. Take advantage and consume accordingly.