Full Spec Live Resin Nine Pound Hammer #6 Cartridge
Nine Pound Hammer #6 Live Resin Cartridge by Full Spec
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Few products are packaged in a manner that exudes luxury and decadence like this Nine Pound Hammer #6 Live Resin Cartridge by Full Spec are. The simple yet outstanding box has a black and rainbow color scheme that manages to pop while remaining elegant and minimalistic. The cardboard box is also nice and compact, reminiscent of an electronic, or other high-value product. The cartridge is encased in foam, keeping it safe and upright. The package also manages to provide all of the information a consumer could need without overwhelming the eye. The phenotype, Nine Pound Hammer #6, is listed on the front, along with the fact that the extract was derived from an indica. The back describes the extract in detail with as few words as possible: live resin hybrid, whole plant terpene extract, made from fresh frozen cannabis, 100% cannabis-derived terpenes, additive, and pesticide-free. The package makes it clear that this product is of exceptional quality.


This cartridge is sturdy and well-made. Cartridges are all somewhat uniform by design, but if you go through a lot of them, it becomes somewhat obvious which ones are made with quality parts and which ones are not. This Nine Pound Hammer #6 Live Resin Cartridge by Full Spec belongs to the former category. The live resin inside was a lovely amber color, and a little bit thicker than the extract in your average cartridge. The uniquely exceptional cartridge makes you excited to connect it and vape it.


WOW! This Nine Pound Hammer #6 Live Resin Cartridge by Full Spec is outrageously delicious. Right off the bat, the flavor is impressive. The initial flavor is fruity, hints of grape and general sweetness delight the mouth, followed by a piney almost minty flavor that finishes beautifully. The fact that it’s a live resin extract is evident by the wonderful, powerful flavor. Nine Pound Hammer # 6 is the perfect strain to make a live resin from because it’s such a well-balanced, enjoyable flavor. The effects of this cartridge were fast-acting and powerful. Like the flavor, this high is also delightfully balanced. While it isn’t exactly energetic, the high is equal parts joyful and chill. Perfect for pain relief, anxiety relief, or help with sleeping, this indica is extra-calming without bogging you down. This strain is ideal for nighttime use, but if your tolerance is high it’s perfectly suitable for daytime use as well.


This Nine Pound Hammer #6 Live Resin Cartridge by Full Spec is the Maserati of cartridges. If you’re looking for a cart that looks good, tastes good, and feels good, this is it. For those looking to treat themselves, look no further.