Looking for your brain to be consumed with something other than the horror show of reality? Potcasts are here for you. Whether you’re juggling working from home with the extra burdens life is throwing at your right now, or you’re laid off with ample time, finding entertainment should be easy and fun. That’s where potcasts come in. 

What are potcasts? Podcasts about pot. Pretty simple. 

With so many podcasts out there, cannabis-themed or not, it can be a struggle to wade through the depths and know what to consume. But we did the legwork for you and found the most interesting potcasts out there.

Weed + Grub

What could be better than two besties chatting with interesting guests about the two most important things in life: pot and food? Nothing is better, that’s what.

We asked the hosts of the soul-warming podcast Weed + Grub to explain what makes their podcast so special in our current crisis.  

“Positive, funny realness,” Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson (pictured above) told The Sesh.  “During the quarantine, we’re cooking and enjoying great weed and food, cracking each other up, and having virtual smoke seshes with glorious guests like Laganja Estranja and Jon Gabrus, the “godfather of potcasting.” 

The lighthearted energy of Weed + Grub during heavy times isn’t an accident.

“When the stay-at-home orders went into effect, we made a pact that we’d bring light and fun to our listeners — it’s the most important thing to us. A fan recently wrote ‘I find you both grounding, funny and CUTE AS FUCK. Thank you for keeping up with the content. I think you guys have such unique and important magic to share in the yin and yang dynamic, and I am totally here for it.’.”

Great Moments in Weed History

So much of cannabis history is folklore. The stories leading up to where we are now with cannabis are hard to uncover and nearly impossible to confirm. Hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock, seasoned cannabis journalists, tackle cannabis history in a manner that’s fun, entertaining, and super informative. 

History buffs who love to smoke weed are in for a treat with Great Moments in Weed History. It’s well-researched, well-produced, and overall high-quality content, cannabis-related or not. If you want to find out who invented dabs, when Willie Nelson smoked weed on the roof of the White House, or if Jesus smoked weed, listen in. 

You’re already sitting around your house getting high, might as well learn something while you do it.

Love and Cannabis

Smoking weed is fun. Listening to people talk about weed is often fun. But cannabis isn’t just a fun thing for everyone. For some, it’s a life-altering medicine that allows their extremely sick children to have a better quality of life. 

From the late Charlotte Figi to Washington’s Madeline Holt, seriously sick kids all over the country have found relief from cannabis. Hosts Osiris Stephen and Nina Simmons have a son Aiden Stephen, who has severe epilepsy, and they use cannabis to help treat his symptoms and reduce the frequency and severity of his seizures. 

Love and Cannabis tell the loving parents’ story, and also allows Osiris and Nina to sound off on related issues. The perspective of this family is an important one. Cannabis is a versatile plant, and the stories told about cannabis should be versatile as well. 

The Brave New Weed Podcast

Stoner culture is often the butt of many a joke about being… less than intelligent. The Brave New Weed Podcast brings a fresh, authoritative, and literary-tinged voice to the cannabis space that elevates the conversation.

Host Joe Dolce, author of the book Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis, and co-host Matthew Hendershot, gather industry leaders and other thought-provoking guests to join in intelligent, sometimes topical conversations about cannabis.

If you’re looking for something smart, and a little different to listen to regarding cannabis, give The Brave New Weed Podcast a try. 

Getting Doug with High

Unlike some of these other potcasts, Getting Dough with High is extremely well-known. Still, we’d be remiss to not mention this star-studded pod in this list. If you like laughing, and listening to comedians get stoned and talk, this pod’s for you.

The concept is simple. Cannabis comedian Doug Benson has a guest each week, usually, a comedian, often a famous one, and they get super high and talk. Guests have included comedians like Sarah Silverman, Jack Black, Eric Andree, David Cross, and Tommy Chong. It’s also released as a TV show. 

There’s a huge catalog of funny people getting baked and talking from years of shows. Looking for something to have on in the background while you’re getting high, doing chores? Or maybe just something to listen to and take your mind off of things? Well, there are hours and hours of content to help you do just that. 

How to Listen

Listen to these informative, funny, and sometimes heartwarming potcasts on your favorite podcast app. Lord knows you have the time. 


 Photo by Lauren Hurt courtesy of Weed+Grub