Pamplemousse Sugar Wax
Pamplemousse Sugar Wax by Fire Bros
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  • Total THC: 82.86%
  • Total CBD: 0.05%
  • Total THCA: 82.0%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 96%

    The packaging for this Pamplemousse sugar wax by Fire Bros is sleek and sparse. It reminds me of a high-end beauty product. The white and pink-orange box could just as easily contain an expensive skin cream or lip balm. Instead, it contains sugar wax. The container is a departure from most grams of wax, it’s larger and wider, with thick glass and a plastic lid. The wider, larger jar has perks. It looks nice, is more reusable, and is a little easier to dab from. I also like that it’s held in a little box with no plastic which is always good. The info on the box is a little light. Just the basic info, the strain, solvent, and required cannabinoid info, no terpene info.


    Sugar wax is always pretty, and this Pamplemousse sugar wax by Fire Bros is especially so. A golden amber color, nice and crumbly, with just the right amount of sauce. The large jar really helps you see the color and texture more clearly. A gram doesn’t fully cover the bottom so the texture especially is more obvious. It’s not soupy and overly sticky, it’s just the right amount of gooey. It had a citrus and skunk scent that was on the strong side for a wax.


    The texture of this Pamplemousse sugar wax by Fire Bros is nice to dab. It’s not messy, and it’s easy to control the size of your hit. As with most terp-heavy wax, dabbing at low-temps is the way to go. You get the full flavor profile, which is a delight. Luscious citrus complemented by an earthy skunkiness that makes for a well-balanced flavor that is intense, unique, and enjoyable. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for big clouds this concentrate is a little pickier. High temps will waste this wax, or at least that was my experience. The high is super uplifting and energizing. A good morning or daytime strain, this will give you a jolt while still helping relieve any emotional or physical aches and pains.


    This Pamplemousse sugar wax by Fire Bros is the perfect concentrate for citrus lovers and terp enthusiasts. This flavorful wax isn’t just pretty, it’s delicious and has a bright and happy high.