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C4 Canna Burst Berry Bomb
C4 Canna Burst Berry Bomb
First Impressions
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  • THC: 9.84 mg per candy
  • CBD: 0.18 mg per candy
  • Total Cannabinoids: 100 mg


C4 Canna Burst’s have the kind of packaging you’re excited to pull out and share with folks in a social situation. Remember those? Even if you’re your only company these days, you’ll still enjoy this cute, discreet package. This Berry Bomb package is designed to look like what it is, candy for grownups. There’s plenty of information on the package. 10mg of THC per candy, 100 mg total, plus a bit of CBD for good measure. The candies are also clearly labeled as sativa, making the purchasing decision easy for those of us that like an uplifting high.


These candies are just plain adorable. Bright blue, nice little squares, reminds me of all the delightful fruity candies I enjoyed as a kid. Each candy is individually wrapped in plastic that is not easy to bust into. You’ll definitely need some scissors to get the candies open. Once you do get them open, you’ll notice the delicate, subtle, fruity smell that any fruity candy worth a damn emits. It’s a good-looking, good-smelling candy that you’ll be excited to eat.


The first thing I assess when reviewing any edible is how it tastes. If it didn’t get me high, would I enjoy eating it? The answer with these C4 Canna Burst Berry Bombs is hell yes. They taste exactly like you’d want a fruity candy to taste. They have that perfect melt in your mouth, yet chewy texture. The flavor is powerful, berry-fruity, so sweet with the perfect amount of tartness to keep it interesting. The high was pretty perfect. A 10mg dose is plenty to give you a little daytime buzz, and the high is nice and perky. If you decide you want more, the candies are light and easy to eat. They’re not going to overwhelm you with richness or calories.


These candies are the absolute perfect spring and summertime edible treat. Light and fruity in taste, and a perky and jolly high make them perfect for whatever sunny endeavors you have planned. Let’s hope that’s more than hanging out in your yard or on your balcony soon. But hey, if you’re going to stuck at home, you might as well be high as hell and eating delicious candy.