In a time when everything feels weird and bad, isn’t it nice to know you have Dick’s Drive-In? The ubiquitous Seattle burger chain is pulling out all the stops to make a stoner feel safe. Not only by providing delicious burgers but by keeping their staff and customers safe in a scary time.

Nothing beats biting into some delicious Dick’s when you’re nice and baked. There’s the Deluxe, the Special, or the lesser burgs, and they all satisfy a special hankering. In a time when almost nothing is comforting, take comfort in Dick’s.

Keeping You Safe

Dick’s has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep staff and customers safe during this time.

  • The chain that famously accepted only cash until just a few years told customers they preferred cards at this time.
  • Dick’s is encouraging customers to order delivery using DoorDash.
  • The Holman Road & Queen Anne locations have temporary special hours: 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.
  • No fries at the Holman Road, Lake City, and Broadway locations, Dick’s is serving Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips instead.
The French Fry Situation

While some locations have to suffer without fries, it’s all for an excellent reason. Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants CFO and President Jasmine Donavon explained the french fry situation to The Sesh via email.

“We stopped serving fries at our physically smaller locations,” Donavon wrote. “This will create more space inside our kitchens, preventing employees from standing close together as much as possible. It also allows us to keep those locations open with fewer employees as more need to stay home for various reasons.”

If you can’t live without Dick’s hand-cut french fries, there’s good news.

“Our larger locations have two fry kettles and can still make fries while separating,” Donavon explained.

Donavon did warn that other locations may limit the number of fries per person. So don’t let your munchies make you greedy.

Hospital Heroes

Dick's Drive-InOn Friday, April 3rd, Dick’s announced that customers could purchase a box of 24 burgers for Hospital Heroes and Dick’s would match up to 500 boxes. By Saturday customers had purchased 500 boxes. On Sunday Dick’s increased its match to 1,000 burger boxes and expanded deliveries to include first responders. By Monday, over 1,000 boxes had been donated.
Dick’s suppliers Macdonald Meats and Franz Bakeries also pitched in to match the donations. It took only a few days for the community to pitch in and purchase 2,000 boxes, or 48,000 burgers total. The burgs will be distributed to Hospital Heroes and first responders throughout the region this month.

“We knew our customers wanted to help,” Donovan said in a statement. “It is amazing how much love they are sending!”

Music Heals

Dick’s has been hosting a stage for Seattle musicians at SXSW in Austin for the last three years. Unfortunately, this year’s showcase was canceled due to COVID-19.

But the show must go on. Instead of throwing in the towel, the showcase adapted.

The marketing agency responsible for the showcase is Cre8ive Empowerment. The agency’s CEO Saul Spady told The Sesh what inspired him to produce the showcase in Seattle with no audience instead.

“After SXSW canceled we decided as a team to get the stage & drive it back to Seattle in 36 hours,” “I posted online to see if we could find a venue & the London Bridge Studio owners reached out. It was a whirlwind shooting 19 bands over 5 days but I’m extremely glad we did it. “

You can find the entire showcase, PNW Live, on Facebook.

Burgers Bring Comfort in Uncertain Times

The fact is, shit is really scary right now. And inhaling a sloppy Dick’s burger is comforting on a cellular level. Stoned or not, it’s hard to feel safe anywhere right now. Having a Seattle institution like Dick’s Drive-In stay open, and go above and beyond for customers gives a real sense of security.

“We are doing everything we can to keep our restaurants open,” Donavon wrote. “Serving our customers as we have for over 66 years while keeping our customers and employees as safe as possible. We learn more about what we can and need to do daily and are making adjustments as quickly as possible.”

So give in to your stoned cravings and order some Dick’s. You can rest assured they’re doing everything they can to keep you fed and safe.


Photos courtesy of Dick’s Drive-In