Berry Sunset Wax by Falcanna
Berry Sunset Wax by Falcanna
First Impressions
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  • CBDA: 0.0%
  • CBD: 0.2%
  • THCA: 81.5%
  • THC: 79.0%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 89.3%


Once again, Falcanna has excellent hash packaging. The cool white squiggly silicone cap, the pretty artwork on the front, and the biodegradable plastic pouch, all make for some high-quality and lovely packaging. The strain related artwork is of a berry-laden sunset and is tasteful and well-done as usual. The information on the label is not in-depth, just the required cannabinoid percentages. There are indica (80%) sativa (20%) percentages, which is unique. No terpene information. But terpene info isn’t necessary for wax, it’s just a perk. So that doesn’t detract much from the overall package, which is great.


Falcanna’s wax is impressively consistent. The texture is perfect for wax. Crumbly, appropriately dry, not too sticky. The color of this Berry Sunset wax from Falcanna is also a nice bright orange, as it should be and as Falcanna’s wax always is. It was also easy to get on the nail, no mess. The scent was strong, pungent and sweet.


This Berry Sunset wax by Falcanna is delightful to dab. The flavor revealed the strain’s parentage, a cross between Blue Dream and Dutch Haze. The sweet, fruitiness of Blue Dream mixed with the citrusy pungence of Dutch Haze. Which results in a pretty nice, well-balanced flavor. The wax burned well at a variety of temps and had nice big clouds. The high was equally well-balanced, the happy buzz of a sativa with the mellow chill of an indica. Perfect for an everyday dabber looking for something reliable for the price point. All extracts are powerful enough that you should be careful about choosing activities post-dab, but this high was mellow enough to function if you’re used to that kind of thing.


Once again, Falcanna delivers a solid concentrate with their Berry Sunset wax. The packaging is aces, the texture and fragrance are legit. To top it off, this wax tastes and dabs pretty excellent. This Berry Sunset wax by Falcanna is a solid, reliable choice for the price point.