Jewel Loree is a cannabis tech superstar by day and bass player by night and weekend. A Pacific Northwest native who hails from Everett, Loree works as a senior product manager for the cannabis data startup Headset. The dynamo also plays bass for three bands: The Grizzled Mighty, Golden Idols, and Frond. And she does it all exceptionally well.

Never one to not have an album release on the horizon, The Grizzled Mighty has a new album coming out in June, and a single coming out this Friday. The three-piece consists of Ryan Granger on vocals and guitar, Jojo Braley on Drums, and Jewel Loree on bass. The new album Confetti Teeth is out June 5th, 2020 on Freakout Records.

The album is full of fuzzy, psych-rock jams that will help awaken your wounded soul as you hopefully reemerge into the human world in late spring, early summer. 

This interview was done before all events in the state and world were canceled. Unfortunately, like so much else in life right now, that means you’ll have to wait for all of this staying at home to be over to see The Grizzled Mighty perform Confetti Teeth live. In the meantime, you can enjoy The Grizzled Mighty’s new single and this chat between Jewel Loree and The Sesh.

Does The Grizzled Mighty partake in cannabis consumption?

I do. Being in the industry, it’s hard not to. I’m usually the one pushing it on the other guys. The drug of choice for The Grizzled Mighty is tequila. But usually, in the morning they’re begging me, ‘Jewel you got joints?’ And the answer is always yes. 

So it’s more tequila that influences The Grizzled Mighty’s psychedelic sound?

Well really, that’s acid. When we wrote most of this album we kind of holed ourselves away in this weird clam shack. We know this guy who has an oyster farm. And he has this shack where he processes them, but he also built a stage in there and has shows sometimes.

So we went out there, and Ryan gave all of us a little bit of acid. Just enough to make time last forever, but not enough to be tripping. And we entered what I called ‘riff purgatory’ because we would lay the riffs for what felt like three days, but was actually like maybe seven hours. And then we just listened back to what we did, and started to cut and paste things, and Ryan took all of those bits that we made and went away for a while and organized his thoughts around them. A couple of months later he was like ‘Alright, these are are the songs.’ And we recorded them. 

What do you want to tell me about The Grizzled Mighty’s upcoming album Confetti Teeth?

We recorded all the music tracks for about a year. And then we waited. The drummer JoJo and I kept joking, we kind of knew what was going on because we had written the songs together but there were no lyrics or vocal melodies.

The way Ryan likes to work is to get all of the instrumentals tracked and then just listen to it over and over again, and the melody will reveal itself. So we had no idea what any of these songs were about and we had to just have faith that Ryan wasn’t like a white supremacist or something. That he’d written awful lyrics. We were like ‘No we’ve heard his lyrics. He’s cool, he’s cool.’

So a lot of trust was needed for that process. And we had to keep waiting and waiting. And in a couple of weeks, he was like ‘There are melodies and lyrics now.’ So when I finally heard the whole album together with all of us, I was really happy. It sounded great, he did a great job.  

Have you found ways to marry your love of cannabis and music?

Frond, unlike The Grizzled Mighty, consumes a lot of cannabis. You can hear it in the music. The Stranger just called us ‘dream-pop tranquilizers.’ I think that’s exactly the vibe we’re going for. So there’s a lot of cannabis involved in that band.

They are all very happy about the vendor discounts I get, so that’s the main influence it’s had. We’re still a new band, we’ve been playing out for less than a year. We’re going into the studio soon. Hopefully, we’ll do some industry collaborations when we have some stuff recorded.  


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Photo by Brian Kasnyik