Bluezzz x LON Cake Batter
Bluezz X LON Cake Batter by Phat Panda
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    • CBDA: 0.0%
    • CBD: 0.0%
    • THCA: 70.22%
    • THC: 2.10%
    • Total THC: 63.68%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 75.67%

    • Total Terpenes: 4.97%


      Phat Panda’s packaging is bright and neon and fantastic. It draws attention in a good way. Sticky frogs, pandas, all that shit that makes me want to consume their products. In addition to the colorful, eye-catching designs of their packaging, the package also has tons of useful info. The strain parentage is included in the label: Bluezzz crossed with Legend of Nigeria, nice. Lots of cannabinoid info, including a total terpene percentage. No terpene breakdown, which is no biggie. The package also encourages customers to “recycle like an adult” which is much-appreciated. The jar itself has a plastic lid instead of a silicone one, which I actually don’t mind because the concentrate is not the type that will stick to the lid. The jar is reusable either way which is cool. And the sticker on the lid is cute and well-designed. m


      The consistency is wonderful. That nice neatly cut little square is impressive. You don’t see it so perfect that often. The fragrance is also special. Sweet and fruity and hits you as soon as you unscrew the lid. Best of all, it was so easy to work with. You can just break off a little chunk with your nail and it leaves no mess. Probably in my top five best-textured concentrates I’ve tried.


      This concentrate- wowowowowowowow. So good. To start, the flavor is killer. So many terps. Sweet with tropical fruit notes, it was incredibly delicious. It hit like a damn dream. It dabbed great at high and low temps, making big, thick clouds. The high was well-rounded and potent. It was calming and invigorating all in one. The high terpene content gave me a high more similar to flower than many concentrates, which to me anyway, typically feels a little more heady and euphoric.


      Truly excellent concentrate. Well-packaged, great consistency, flavor, and fragrance were excellent, smoked perfectly, and provided a powerful and enjoyable high. Any dabber out there would love this extract.