Kief-er Sutherland
Kief-er Sutherland by Bacon’s Buds
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  • CBDA: 0.0%
  • CBD: 0.0%
  • THCA: 67.3%
  • THC: 59.3%


Bacon's Buds has some earthy, brown packaging on the front. The label is pretty and has lots of good information. It informs the cannabis consumer that the cannabis the kief was collected from was grown sustainably, profits from the product go to an elephant sanctuary and that the effects from the kief are sedative, relaxing, and euphoric. The product’s name, Kief-er Sutherland, is also on the package, and frankly, I bought it because I thought that was clever. The cannabinoid info was fairly sparse, just the 502 required percentages. No terpene profile. I’m also not clear on whether or not this kief was collected from one strain or more. You can see the kief through the clear panel on the back, which is fine. You’ve seen one gram of kief, you’ve seen them all. Also not crazy about the plastic container. Kief is sticky, and I hate scraping plastic to try and not waste the kief. Kief is one product that should always be in glass and silicon.


This kief is pleasantly fragrant! A nice earthy, pungent scent wafted from the little gram container as soon as I unscrewed the lid. The texture was just as kief should be, powdery yet sticky. A nice tan brown color, again pretty standard kief. You could tell immediately that this was kief collected from high-quality flower.


Because there is a pandemic that attacks your respiratory system I am avoiding smoking or vaping anything. Part of the reason I bought this kief, aside from the clever name, is that making kief butter is easy! So is making butter with any concentrate but kief doesn’t have any residual solvents and is more affordable. It’s also not quite as strong as other concentrates which makes it nice for edibles, you can use less butter and not accidentally zombify yourself. This kief made some excellent butter! I didn’t decarb it because I’m going to cook with the butter. It had a nice earthy but subtle flavor, and got me high, but not overly so. It was perfect for making treats. The high was relaxing, which was exactly what I needed because my anxiety is through the roof.


This kief smelled good, tasted great, and had a nice, smooth, relaxing high. I highly recommend this for making edibles, but judging by the flavor, texture, and high, I bet it would smoke nice if that’s what you’re looking for.