Runtz distillate cartridge
Runtz Distillate Cartridge by Sublima
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    • THCA: 0.0%
    • CBDA: 0.0%
    • Total THC: 87.29%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 93.78%


       What a pretty little package! One of my favorite things about all cartridge packaging is how compact and efficient it is. This Runtz distillate cartridge package has that going for it in addition to being cute as hell. There’s lots of good information about the distillate on the packaging as well, like the fact that they use native terpenes and Jupiter CCELL® technology. The cannabinoid information is a bit light, and there is no terpene breakdown. But the strain, Runtz, is right on the front, and it’s easy to look down and find out about the strain’s terpene breakdown. 


       First impressions for cartridges are pretty universal. This Runtz distillate cartridge has the Ccell label which is a nice signifier of high-quality. The color of the distillate is a nice translucent golden. The cartridge is solid and you can tell it’s made of high-quality materials.


       Hitting this cart was super satisfying. Runtz, in general, is beloved for a reason. It tastes and smells so fruity delightful. This distillate really honored the flower it was extracted from. The flavor had an intense sweet fruity candy flavor and an almost-minty finish. Kind of reminded me of Mentos. It vaped super smooth and the scent was pleasant and discreet. The high was fast-acting, powerful and gave a steady boost of energy while remaining mellow. An ideal hybrid. 


       This Runtz distillate cartridge is solid! If you’re a fan of the strain Runtz, or eager to try it, this is a perfect way to do it. The native terpenes are perfectly delectable. I was a bit skeptical of such a terpene-rich strain translating in a vape cartridge, but this product won me over.