The Pacific Northwest is known to not give a shit about celebrity, at least not nearly as much as California. Still, many famous folks have decided to try and profit off of the Pacific Northwest’s burgeoning cannabis market. There are some well-known and some surprising celeb cannabis brands in the Pacific Northwest. 

Willie Nelson- Willie’s Reserves

Willie Nelson is probably the most famous stoner in existence, rivaled only by Snoop Dogg. So it’s an honor that the country legend chose Washington as the first state to roll out his celeb cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserves in July of 2016. Colorado followed in August.  

The cannabis company sources cannabis from independent farmers in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, California, and Maryland. The cannabis farmers that grow for Willie’s Reserves in Washington are Leaves of Grass, Green Chief, Mahoney Farms, Northwest Harvesting Co., and Unflora. Willie’s Reserves has an edible manufacturing facility in Seattle and sells edibles and flower at retailers all over Washington state. 

Jim Belushi- Belushi Farm

Jim Belushi has made a big impact on Oregon’s cannabis industry, and arguably celeb cannabis brands as a whole. The comedian, who is late comic legend John Belushi’s brother, owns and operates an outdoor cannabis farm in Oregon. Belushi takes a hands-on approach to growing cannabis, tending to the plants himself. His farm has gotten a lot of press both from Belushi’s celebrity status and his approach.

Belushi Farm is set on “93 acres with 1,800 feet of Rogue River riverfront in Southern Oregon’s Banana Belt where the sun, water, and air make the perfect combination to sustain naturally powerful and beautiful cannabis,” according to its Facebook bio

Brendan Hill- Paper and Leaf 

The name Brendan Hill may not ring a bell, but if you were alive in the nineties, his band Blues Traveler probably will. Hill was the drummer for the harmonica heavy hit machine, but it turns out Hill is multi-talented. Paper and Leaf, a boutique retail store on Bainbridge Island, is co-owned by Hill and his friend Steve Kessler. Kessler brought the design acumen, and Hill had the construction chops. The two’s complementing skills created a visually appealing, modern-looking space that caters to tourists and those seeking cannabis education alike. 

Paper and Leaf is doing steady business on Bainbridge, selling an average of $238,380 worth of cannabis a month since starting in 2015, according to

Gary Payton- CannaSports

If you were in Seattle or anywhere around it in the ’90s, you know how significant Gary Payton, AKA The Glove was to our culture. Famous for shit talk, defense, and his iconic number 20 jersey, Payton may be from Oakland, but he holds a special place in Seattle’s history. Many of us who bought weed during that time know, that code for a $20 bag of weed was a Gary Payton, and a $40 bag was Shawn Kemp, whose uniform was number 40.

Gary Payton geared his celeb cannabis brand towards athletes and others with chronic pain. His brand includes both THC and CBD varieties. CannaSports sells cartridges emblazoned with his signature and the number 20. The cartridges are for sale in California, but the vape batteries, which look like jerseys from every team Payton has played on. Which of course includes The Seattle Supersonics. CannaSports isn’t a Pacific Northwest company. But, every longtime Washingtonian cannabis-enthusiast should know that you can buy a vape battery that looks like Gary Payton’s Supersonics jersey. 

Tommy  Chong- Chong’s Choice

Of course, Tommy Chong has a cannabis brand! It’s only natural. Chong’s Choice is one of the biggest celeb cannabis brands out there. It started in California’s medical cannabis market and expanded to every legal market, including Washington. The canna-brand carries flower, edibles, vape cartridges, extract, a wide variety of CBD products, and more.

Tommy Chong isn’t a PNW native by any means. But he did lend a hand to the opening of the Puyallup Tribe’s second tribally-owned cannabis retailer. Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin played a 4/20 show at the Emerald Queen Casino last year and attended the opening of  Commencement Bay Cannabis that same day. Choosing to spend their 4/20 in Washington state is a pretty big indicator of how healthy our cannabis market is. 


Shoutout to all the famous stoners who choose the Pacific Northwest to sell their weed products! Weed will sell no matter what if the quality is good, but having the power of celebrity publicity is always a huge help. 


Photo courtesy Belushi Farm