Few activities stay fun throughout your life. High School football games on Friday night are a blast freshman year, but unless your kid is on the team, attending games past senior year is creepy. Hanging out in your parents’ cool basement similarly loses its appeal.

But roller skating never gets old! Southgate Roller Rink in White Center is a blast from the past, both in its 1970’s aesthetic and history and because many of us have fond memories of weekends spent with skates as teens. Putting on some skates and getting your groove thing on is the kind of wholesome fun that transcends decades and generations.

You can’t smoke weed in a roller rink. The funky artwork and disco lights are meant for stoned eyes to see, though, so this is the perfect place for a stoner to spend a fun night. Not to mention it’s close to Full Tilt Ice Cream’s White Center location.

The extra cool thing about Southgate Roller Rink, in addition to it existing and being in White Center, is its events. Every first Wednesday is Pride Skate, and the second, third, and fourth Wednesdays are skate-a-roake. What’s better than roller skating you ask? Roller skating while people make fools of themselves, or impress you by singing their favorite songs. There are also family skate nights, adult skate nights, arcade games, and occasionally live music. 

Every once in a while you can even luck out and catch a Rat City Roller Girls match at Southgate. The derby team mostly competes at bigger venues, but occasionally they do have a Rat City Roots match at their old stomping grounds. And unlike those other bigger venues, when you catch the Rat City Rollers at Southgate Roller Rink, you’ll be down on the floor in the action. And what stoner doesn’t want to watch girls beat the shit out of each other on roller skates? I know I do.

Southgate Roller Rink has a bar with good beer and cider, and food you might imagine a roller rink having. Which is to say, it’s the type of food you will love if stoned. And it’s better than you’d expect! The rink is also known for playing the best tunes. 

If you’re looking for a fun venue for a party, you can rent out Southgate Roller Rink for cheap. It’s perfect for birthdays, holiday parties, office parties or whatever. Nothing gets grownups excited like activities that will fuck up their knees.

It’s easy for anyone, but especially stoners to get stuck in the same routine. Work, smoke, eat, gym, sleep. Switch it up and do something fun, roller skate! You’ll get your blood pumping, your heart singing, and your high even higher.


Photos courtesy of Southgate Roller Rink