Emmy-nominated comedy up-and-comer Mike Glazer is full of surprises. The funnyman agreed to meet at a small tasting room in Pike Place Market for our interview. He’d never been to the Seattle landmark.

When I text him to meet him outside, I told him “I’m by the pig in front of the fish throwers.”

“I love that sentence.” He replied.

His casual, heavily bearded appearance looks very Seattle. Jeans, a plain black t-shirt, and a khaki overcoat. But his sense of cohesive, minimal style and perfect white teeth give it away that he’s from LA. 

My babysitter had bailed on me the day of the interview, so my almost year-and-a-half-old son had to join us. It was not ideal, but Glazer was beyond gracious, making a genuine effort to entertain and interact with him. 

Glazer is one of those impressive young people who have lived enough lives to fill a book. And he has written two books, you can buy them on Amazon. 

A Midwesterner by birth, Glazer was born and raised in St. Louis. While attending college in Missouri, Glazer won a gold medal as a roller hockey goalie for Team USA. While traveling to Chicago with his team, Glazer fell in love with the city.

Following college, Glazer returned to his beloved Chicago and trained with the prestigious improv group The Second City. The famous theater has churned out beloved comedians like Bill Murray, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Stephen Colbert to name a few. He raised in the ranks from a doorman to get a full scholarship for their selective directorial program. 

At Second City, Glazer created and directed some shows he was proud of and built relationships with some insanely talented comedic actors. His fellow Second City alumni include actor Tim Baltz who stars in HBO’s “Righteous Gemstones,” Tim Robinson who created and starred in the hilarious Netflix sketch comedy show “I Think you Should Leave,” and Abby McEnany who created and starred in Showtime’s “Work in Progress.” 

Glazer takes pride in his peers’ triumphs, which is as endearing as it is unusual. Following his successful stint in Chicago, Glazer thought it was time to hit Hollywood. 

But Glazer is more eager to talk about his current projects than his past accomplishments. He’s excited about what’s happening now. And there’s a lot to be excited about.

Glazer co-hosts “Weed+Grub” a breezy, conversational podcast that features him and his co-host Mary Jane Gibson discussing, cannabis, food, and life. 

I told Glazer I’d listened to the podcast on the way to our interview, and that I loved it. Mary Jane is someone I totally want to be friends with.

“It’s so funny to know how many people actually do want to be her friend,” Glazer shared. “She asked for DMs of whisk pics, instead of dick pics, and because of that she has friends in other states that she’s never met but she texts all the time. So, everybody wants to be her friend. And it’s kind of annoying, but it’s cool.” 

Jokes aside, it’s obvious Glazer is truly fond of his co-host and is proud of what they’re creating. 

“We started this podcast, to bring together cool people who like great food, probably smoke weed and are interested in the culture and history,” Glazer explained. “But man, there’s nothing better to me than a good hang. And that’s what Mary Jane and I do.”

The podcast isn’t your typical weed podcast. There’s no prolonged coughing, tedious extrapolating about strains and types of concentrates. It’s good conversations with interesting people about the other side of cannabis. 

The podcast has had high profile guests like David Crosby, Trixie Mattel from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and Jim Belushi. Glazer and Gibson have also helped connect listeners who expressed interest in working in the cannabis space with opportunities. 

“The majority of our guests are working professionals who don’t smoke weed all day,” Glazer said emphatically. “When we hung out with David Crosby, we asked him if he wanted to smoke before and he said ‘No, I have to sing at the top of my lungs. Afterward, you better believe the first thing I do is rolling a joint. I love it. But I want to crush on stage.’ It’s cool, he uses it as a tool and not a crutch.”

As the podcast has gained steam in the last year, and the guests have gotten more legendary, more listeners have come to the podcast who don’t smoke. And that’s something Glazer is proud of. 

It speaks to the universal nature of “Weed+Grub.” The podcast is a conversation between two extremely kind, interesting, engaging hosts, and their wonderful guests. Sure, weed is a topic, but it’s not the whole point. And who doesn’t want to listen to that?

“I’m looking to move the cannabis conversation forward.” And that he is.

“Weed+Grub” was selected to go to SXSW as part of the Art, Entertainment and Social Justice Awareness panel. For a saturated field like podcasting, that is a big honor and speaks to the show’s broad appeal.

In addition to the podcast, Glazer hosts a cannabis-themed variety show called “Glazed” at the Hollywood Improv. Glazer speaks about the show like he’s a proud dad, and there’s a reason for

Mike Glazer

Photo by Kaitlin Parry

that. It’s in its second year, it’s critically-acclaimed, and every show has sold-out. Guests have included Dave Chappell, Tiffany Hadish, and Jerry Seinfield. 

His favorite night had a friend painting serial killers on cereal boxes, a live band, an ice sculpture bong being carved outside, Tiffany Haddish on stage, followed by a magician whose act resulted in chickens being released all over the theater, where they stayed for the rest of the night.

Glazed typically runs on the last or second to last Thursday of each month. The next show is February 20. If you’re in LA, it’s a must-see.

Glazer was also adamant that I include a shout out to his brother Matt Glazer, who just got his dream job as a principal for a special-needs school.

The fact that Glazer sweetly included his brother in this interview is indicative of how thoughtful, authentic, and just sweet he is. It’s rare you meet a human, let alone a comedian, who is as kind as he is. It’s this kindness, in contrast to his biting, often self-deprecating humor that makes Glazer special.

As our interview came to a close, Glazer looked at his watch. 

“It’s 4:20!” He exclaimed. 

How fitting. He wandered out into the market to find a meat cone with a friend, and presumably get nice and high beforehand. 


Images by Joel Flora