Ron Burgundy by Hazy Daze
First Impressions
Total Score


  • CBD: 0.01%
  • THCA: 23.5%
  • Total: 21.29%


    Who can say no to that lovely stache? This packaging is funny. I’m not convinced that’s THEE Ron Burgundy’s mustache but it works. I’m an Anchorman fan so I’m going to give this packaging major points for catering to my favorite things, comedy, and weed. Funny picture aside, the packaging is pretty basic. Silver pouch, not recyclable which is shitty but standard. The cannabinoid info was extremely sparse and somewhat hard to understand. You can see it in the picture, I don’t know if that was a mistake or I am mistaken. There was no terpene info.


    This flower is fantastic. The trimming and curing of the buds seemed pretty perfect. The trim job was close which I like. Not paying for the leaf. The bud also seemed perfectly crisp, like it had been properly cured. The fragrance was loud and commanding. All I had to do was rip the seal on this bag, not even open it, and the scent wafted into my nostrils. It had notes of pine and skunk, and would not be a good choice in any situation where you don’t want people to know you’re smoking or holding weed.


    As the appearance suggested, the cure job on this flower made for some extra delightful smoking. It smoked quickly and smoothly, allowing me to get a nice big hit without burning my lungs. None of that half-assed bowl that no one wants to smoke left-over. The flavor was exceptionally piney, with skunky notes also noticeable. The high came on fast and strong. I have no idea about the parentage of this strain, but it smoked like an indica dominant hybrid to me. Just a bit of CBD to make the body high extra chill and comfortable, and plenty of THC to make you stoked. It’s nice and balanced and a good match for a wide variety of activities, from working out to making some art to watching Anchorman and Anchorman 2 back to back. The package promised a chill, happy, creative high and I think that’s accurate.


    The package is hilarious. The flower is nicely trimmed and cured, pretty to look at, and smells and smokes amazing. The high is versatile and powerful. This is a great bag of flower!