The Olympic Peninsula is a moss-covered dreamland that piques the fantasy of dreamers and nature-lovers. If there was ever a setting for a cannabis grow and raptor rehabilitation and breeding project like Falcanna, the Olympic Peninsula is it. 

Bethany and Justin Rondeaux, owners of Falcanna, are the masterminds of this marriage of cannabis and raptor conservancy. In addition to creating a fascinating concept, Falcanna churns out some pretty incredible cannabis products

The Sesh reached out to Bethany to find out how this dream became a reality. 

The Sesh: What’s your journey in the cannabis industry?

Bethany Rondeaux: In my first year of college, I began experiencing painful, debilitating cluster migraines. After about a year of traditional western medical treatments that didn’t help, the doctors wanted to just put me on painkillers. I decided to try cannabis instead. After we found that certain strains worked well to curb my migraines, Justin and I decided to start growing our medical cannabis. During the process of growing and selecting strains to treat my migraines, we were inspired to help others experience relief from their health problems. We made it our mission to develop medicinal cannabis products and treatments for the people who needed them and we opened our medical dispensary in Port Angeles, WA in 2012.

Falcanna lifestyle

Photo by Bess Byers

TS: What is  Falcanna’s origin story?

BR: Falcanna is the combination of Justin’s and my two favorite things – falconry and cannabis. The combination of those two words led to our brand name: Falcanna. Falcanna originally started as a medical dispensary called Olympic Sinsemilla for patients living on the Olympic Peninsula. Justin and I became Master Falconers in the fall of 2012, which allowed us to begin our dream of starting a raptor rehabilitation and breeding project in Port Angeles, WA.

Justin and I met through a mutual falconry friend and fell in love at first sight. We have been growing cannabis and flying falcons and hawks since we met and Falcanna is the growth of our two passions.

Knowing beforehand that our medical patients could not continue receiving their cannabis products after Washington State’s recreational cannabis laws took effect in 2015, we acquired an I502 Producer/Processor license and started growing cannabis for the medical and recreational patients of Washington.

TS: Tell me about Falcanna’s production and extraction process, what makes it different? 
Falcanna flower

Photo by Jireh Soriano

BR: Falcanna’s cannabis growing process starts with completely sealed indoor rooms with positive pressure. This level of control makes it possible to grow mold-free and bug-free cannabis. We smoke our own cannabis so it’s important to us that we are a pesticide-free facility. Our unique genetics set us apart because we’ve been creating our proprietary cultivars since the medical days in 2012. 

At Falcanna, we grow in our custom blend of organic soil and use organic nutrients, organic mineral teas, and mycorrhizal fungi. We flush our cannabis for 7-10 days with reverse osmosis purified water at the end of flower to ensure that we are only selling pure flower with no lingering nutrients left in the plant. The consumer can enjoy a completely virgin experience with the delicate terpenes of each of our cultivars. We harvest gently and hang large sections of the plant in a stainless steel cold-curing room for 3 weeks. This slow cure process creates a smooth smoke loaded with flavor. 

We package our product in biodegradable bags with collectible, custom artwork stickers; our ounces come in recycled glass jars that have a fitted rubber gasket to maintain product quality and lifetime use. We reuse all delivery packaging and recycle it from the retail stores to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. At Falcanna, we care about our Earth and we give five percent of the net sales towards raptor rehabilitation and reintroduction.

TS: What are you most proud of?

BR: The thing I am most proud of about Falcanna is that we have grown organically from day one. We have never taken outside investments and have grown from crop to crop starting in our little Airstream travel trailer in college to now operating in 15k square feet of production space – all while still tending the plants with the same love and care that we gave our very first gardens when we grew medical cannabis just for ourselves.


Falcanna has found a niche that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts. Nature and cannabis are natural companions, and Bethany and Justin have managed to create a brand that capitalizes on that complementary relationship. The result is one of the most beloved and recognizable cannabis brands in the Pacific Northwest.

Featured image by Jireh Soriano