Humboldt Royal Kush Diamonds by Altus
First Impressions
Total Score


  • CBDA: 0.03%
  • CBD: 0.02%
  • THCA: 94%
  • Total THC: 83.5%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 83.6%


  • Total Terpenes: 2.2%


Altus’ packaging is bright, modern, geometric, and appealing. The use of white and neon blue makes the package stand out from other concentrates, and gives a friendly-yet-clinical vibe that’s reassuring for extract. The information provided was adequate. It would have been nice to get a terpene breakdown, but it’s fine without, terpenes speak for themselves. No processing information was included and the solvent information was vague. As always, the wavy yellow caps are cute and practical. Those caps are easier to get off, and easier to tell apart from other concentrates.


As far as fragrance goes, I didn’t notice much. A very subtle fragrance was noticeable, but I couldn’t make out any specific scents. It just sort of smelled like cannabis. The texture is beautiful. Extremely dry and hard, it’s easy to see why this extract is called diamonds. The fact that it’s so dry and hard does take a little more effort to get on your dab nail. It’s not hard, you just have to be careful with it so you don’t drop any of it. It helps to warm the container up in your hand a bit before working with it.


Yum! The flavor of this concentrate is subtle but scrumptious. It’s sweet and spicy, like gingersnaps. It smokes like a dream. It’s smooth but makes big satisfying clouds that will allow even the most hardened high-tolerance dabber to get plenty high off of a small amount. Humboldt Royal Kush is a hybrid, and this powerful concentrate gives you the benefits of both. It has the indica body high and overall potency and the sativa joy and happiness. Despite this concentrate’s well-rounded high, I wouldn’t recommend it for daytime use. It’s one you want to relax with, not try and tackle any big projects. Not that it will incapacitate you or make you lazy, it’s just going to make those projects take longer. And that would be time better spent consuming media and relaxing.


This is an excellent, high-end product. It’s worth the high price tag in terms of potency and consistency. For those folks looking for a powerful, high-quality concentrate, this is the perfect product.