Pineapple Mimosa by Gold Leaf
First Impressions
Total Score


  • THCA: 18.1%
  • THC: 0.3%
  • CBDA: 0.0%
  • CBD: 0.0%
  • Total: 16.1%


    Gold Leaf’s package is well-designed if a little boring. The black background is covered in a gold design that sort of looks embossed. It definitely has a fancy vibe to it. The little peeking window shows off some very beautiful flower, making the little pouch all the more classy. The information on the label is minimal, just THC, THCA and CBD and CBDA, and the fact that it’s pesticide-free. No terpene info or anything else. There is a label with detailed strain information, both the name and its parentage. The name Pineapple Mimosa conveys the flavor without any terpene information, so it all works out. Unfortunately, the pouch isn’t recyclable, but that’s pretty standard.


    When I ripped open this package and stuck my nose in it, the fragrance blew me away. The first whiff was truly phenomenal, there is so much complexity in that scent. Notes of pine, fruit, citrus and more came wafting out inviting me to take a hit of that flower. In addition to smelling wonderful, the flower is lovely. It’s dense, but breaks apart easily you can tell it was expertly cured and will smoke well because of it. The flower is covered in crystals and a nice shade of lime green.


    This flower smoked like a dream! I used a bubbler and it was wonderful. It was smooth and easy on the lungs. The flavor has all the complexity of the fragrance, though some of the notes were different. The pine, which was so forward in the scent was a little less noticeable, and there was an obvious pungence that was pleasantly complemented by the sweet, citrus, and pine flavors. The high was mellow, in every sense of the word. Both in the sense that it’s a relaxing high, and that it’s not an overwhelmingly powerful flavor. It gave that nice heady flower high. Perfect for daytime or nighttime use, and super helpful for my anxiety.


    A nice little pouch of flower! I feel like I got a lot out of a gram, it lasted me a long time. The flavor was outstanding, it smoked great, and the high was perfect. If you’re into interesting genetics and terpene profiles, this flower is one you should try.