Stoners may have a reputation for eating junk food, but in my experience, pot smokers are just as likely to love healthy food. Healthy junk food is the intersection that munchie dreams are made of. And the Central Co-op is the absolute best place in Seattle to get your bean-flour cheesy poofs and freshly made juice. 

Satisfying your Munchies

Wandering the aisles of a well-stocked co-op under the influence of cannabis is what dreams are made of. Dry mouth got you craving kombucha? Central Co-op has approximately 937 options of small craft artisanal PNW-made kombucha varieties to quench your pasty-mouth. 

In the mood for a meal? Central Co-op has a deli stocked with pastries, sandwiches, and a variety of hot ready-made food for you to enjoy. They also have a juice bar to satisfy your thirst needs. 

The one danger of going to Central Co-op too high is trying to actually grocery shop. Stoned grocery shopping anywhere is dangerous. There’s a **high** likelihood you’ll spend way too much money on snack food items and random assorted ingredients that you can’t do anything with. Nothing is worse than coming home with eight types of artisan pickles, and twelve nut kinds of butter and realizing you forgot to get bread.

Saving the World

Do you ever get high and stress out about the environment? Or do you find yourself getting high to avoid stressing out about our collapsing eco-systems? Did you know Australia, like the whole fucking country, is on fire right now? 

Don’t panic! It’s easy to feel powerless, and let’s face it, you basically are. But that doesn’t mean you should just give up. Shopping at Central Co-op is one small thing you can do to help the environment. Unlike corporate-owned grocery stores who would legitimately poison drinking water if it was the most profitable decision for them, Central Co-op cares about the environment.

Instead of greedy shareholders, Central Co-op is guided by a set of principles. 

Principle number eight reads, “Concern for Eco-systems: Recognizing our dependence on the Earth’s natural systems and resources, we respect animal habitats, human habitats, and the Earth’s biological and physical equilibrium in the course of our activity as a cooperative.”

Wow, that sounds a lot better than some mega-corporate conglomerate that profits from making natural resources like food and clean water more scarce. 

Own a Piece of the Pie

Another perk for anyone to shop at Central Co-op, but particularly radical-minded cannabis enthusiasts, is that you can own it. You don’t have to be a member to shop at the co-op, but if you choose to be there are lots of perks, including perks you probably didn’t know about. 

Member-owners get special discounts, but that’s only a small part of what makes co-ops cool. Tired of faceless corporate overlords deciding how you shop? If you’re a co-op member, you can be like, “Hey, can you guys carry this thing I like?” and there’s a good chance they’ll carry it. You can run for board positions or nominating positions, vote in elections, attend special events, and even earn money back in profitable years. 

Centrally Located

True to its name, Central Co-op has a convenient location for a wide variety of neighborhoods. Sandwiched between Central District and Capitol Hill, if you live or work anywhere near there, there’s a good chance you’ll pass it on your way elsewhere, so stop by and pick something up!

If you’re ever visiting Point Defiance or Point Ruston in Tacoma, they have a new location nearby that is also excellent.

Their hours are convenient too, they’re open from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily.

Get Stoned, Shop at Central Co-op

Don’t you want to shop somewhere that treats employees well, sources eco-minded food including more humanely-raised meats and lots of vegan and vegetarian specialty foods, and in general tries to make the world better as opposed to worse? No, you’d rather buy your soylent from the oligarchs? Alright, suit yourself. But for all my like-minded revolutionaries, if you want to make grocery shopping and stoned snacking feel like a world-bettering act, shop at Central Co-op.

The signage on Central Co-op’s says, “everyone welcome!” And that includes stoners. So get your hippie munchies and feel good doing it. 

Photos courtesy of Central Co-op