Garlic Breath Hydrocarbon Extract by Interstellar Concentrates
First Impressions
Total Score


  • THC: 64%
  • CBD: 0.17%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 64.1%

  • Total Terpenes: 7.1%


I’m feeling the retro space-themed design of Interstellar Concentrate’s packaging big time. It’s cute and unique. The color scheme is also… stellar. Aside from being cute and standing out, the package was fairly barebones. Hardly any information beyond the 502 label. And the 502 label was pretty sparse. No terpene breakdown, or info on lesser-known cannabinoids, just the basic THC, CBD, solvent (propane and butane), and terpene total. Which is fine with me, it’s nice to know which terpenes are in concentrate but it’s also fun to guess, especially with a strain like garlic breath.


Admittedly, having never tried it before, Garlic Breath wouldn’t be my first choice for a terp-heavy concentrate strain. But the price was right, at less than $20 before tax. I was pleasantly surprised right off the bat! The texture was great, not messy and separated, like some saucy extracts. This saucy extract had a loud and totally unique scent. It’s spicy and earthy, definitely reminiscent of the alliums it’s named after. After taking it out of the package, I also noticed that it had a strain and hybrid label on the container, which I loved.


This concentrate was wildly excellent! It smoked like $40/gram hash, it’s kind of unbelievable what a good deal this was. The flavor, like the scent, was spicy and earthy and definitely much tastier than you’d expect something called Garlic Breath to be. Notes of pine were present when it was dabbed. It was easy to work with, smooth as hell and produced big clouds. The big clouds helped me enjoy the effects of this wonderful indica-dominant strain. Powerfully relaxing, this Garlic Breath is the perfect concentrate to dab after a stressful day, and before a night of chilling. I have a pretty high tolerance and even I wouldn’t recommend this as a daytime use concentrate. It’s too good! I got high and binged some comedy on a popular streaming service and had a fantastic time.


I loved, loved, loved this concentrate. Honestly, no complaints come to mind. Could the package use a little more info? Sure. But if that takes even a milligram of energy and focus away from the geniuses who make this concentrate, then leave it a mystery.