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Dark Truffle by Swifts
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  • THC: 10mg

    This packaging is adorable. I love the colorful, groovy design. It’s an edible, so beyond the dosage, there wasn’t any additional information about cannabinoids or terpenes, which is standard. It’s a single serving so 10 mg per chocolate, and it’s clearly labeled an indica. A small-batch ethanol extract is infused in this artisan chocolate shell filled with creme ganache. It’s gluten-free and handcrafted in Washington. It has a little plastic wrapper that has a nice little detailed pattern as well as the brand name, but the rest is recyclable cardboard. An attractive little item.


    The truffle did get a little scuffed up in my purse, but that’s kind of the nature of truffles. When I took it out of the package, I marveled at the cute, pretty little chocolate, with perfect lines of chocolate piping on the shell. One thing I noticed handling it was that it melted pretty easily. Again, that’s pretty standard for a truffle. It might be better off in a box. Most fancy chocolates are packaged in boxes as we all know, and it’s probably for this reason. Most people wouldn’t care, but I I took pictures of it and was a little disappointed.


    This chocolate tasted great and has a perfect creamy truffle mouth feel. Extremely chocolatey, as promised. The high was impressive for 10mg, I definitely felt every bit of it. I’m pretty caffeine sensitive and can sometimes get a little wired even from a little bit of dark chocolate, but this nice indica didn’t allow that to happen. I ate it late at night and fell quickly to sleep.


    This is an absolutely perfect small gift for a friend, or stocking stuffer for a loved one. The packaging is delightful and gift-like, it tastes like a perfect holiday chocolate truffle, and it gets you nice and high. Anyone who loves weed would be thrilled to receive this as a gift.