It’s Thanksgiving week! Which is probably a lot of weed-smokers favorite holiday, because… food. It’s even better when the cannabis is infused right into the food. Check out the recipe below, and the quick and dirty guide to infusing cooking oil with a cannabis concentrate. 

Crannabis Shortbread Cake

If you’re going to a gathering and looking for a nice dish to bring to the feast, I found one that is pretty unique and delicious. And better yet, it uses quite a bit of butter, or in my case coconut oil.

This recipe also uses fresh cranberries which is super delicious. The jam filling would make a killer cranberry sauce all on its own. 

The recipe I used for the actual cake, which is a Cranberry Shortbread Cake is here.

A few notes for this recipe: as I said, I used coconut oil. And I don’t know if it was because of using coconut oil, or because I left the dough in the fridge too long or what, but the dough was super crumbly. I added more oil and water, and the water especially saved the day. Just a tiny bit of water did the trick. I added about half a teaspoon at a time until it was just the right texture and easy to roll out.

Serve this bad boy with vanilla ice cream. The tart cranberries and orange zest benefit from the added sweetness.

Infused Oil

If dessert isn’t your thing you can use infused cannabis oil for all kinds of other delicious stuff! It might be better to use olive oil for the savory-minded folks. 

I use cannabis extract to make infused oil because it tastes less obvious and it’s way easier than using flower. 

For those that don’t know, infusing cooking oil with concentrate is dead simple.

  1. First, heat the oil on the lowest temperature possible. You want it to be hot enough to melt the oil and help the concentrate dissolve, but not so hot as to destroy the THC and terpenes.
  2.  Stir in the concentrate until it’s dissolved.

That’s it. Make sure to keep the temp nice and low, THC starts to degrade at pretty low temperatures and completely degrades at 392 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you put it in when the oil is too hot you’ll be wasting your concentrate. 

You technically don’t even have to mix it into the heated oil as long as you’re heating it eventually–it needs to decarboxylate at some point. But I find that it mixes in better when it melts into the oil, and distributes throughout whatever dish you’re making more evenly. And experts recommend decarboxylating a bit beforehand for maximum effect. 

Dosing Cannabis Oil

So this little guide might seem obvious to most people, but I am bad at math and was happy the first time I figured it out. It’s not even close to 100% accurate because there are so many variables, including degradation, decarboxylation, not to mention the amount of oil that ends up in each portion as well. But it’s a helpful estimate.

The Math

So to make this infused oil, I used a gram of hash that had 86% THC. There is 1,000 mg in a gram, so that means there was 860 mg of THC in that gram. 

I infused the concentrate into four cups of coconut oil. That means each cup of coconut oil has 215 mg of THC in it. To break that down further, there are 16 tablespoons in a cup, so that’s 13.4 mg per tablespoon. 

This recipe calls for 13 tablespoons of coconut oil, so there was about 175 mg in the entire cake, which broke down to a reasonable 22 mg per slice (it’s a small cake, 8 slices)

Chances are some of the THC that will degrade and get lost in the process, so keep that in mind. If you want stronger edibles, use less oil, or add more concentrate. Simple!