Rainmaker by Phat Panda
First Impressions
Total Score


  • Total THC: 24.75%
  • Total CBD: 0%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 29.5%


    • Total Terpenes: 2.46%


Phat Panda does this pretty nug a service by putting it in a nice jar. Not a huge fan of the logo and branding on the label, the lightning bolt rain cloud motif kind of reminds me of an energy drink. I get that it correlates with the strain but I think it could have been done a little more artfully. On the upside, I do love that shade of purple. I dug the back of the label, both the design and info. That was a nice little extra. The information included on the label is solid. Doesn’t get into the nitty gritty, but includes plenty of good stuff, total terpenes, CBDA and THCA. No detailed terpene breakdown, or unique cannabinoids, which I’m sure is a disappointment to some people. I do like to know which terpenes are in it but I am also ok with guessing, it’s kind of fun.


This flower is exquisitely beautiful! It had a nice crescent moon shape that was fun to photograph. The full one gram jar was all one beautiful bud. Extremely crystalline, and a nice lime green color that fades to dark green and even purple on the tip of the sugar leaf. It’s not particularly fragrant right out of the jar. Once you break into that beautiful bud however, you get that lovely orange, skunk, sweet scent.


This flower was an absolute pleasure to smoke. Smooth and tasty, with strong skunk, and sweet-orange flavors. I used a water pipe to sample this lovely flower, and it really helped accentuate the flavors. Perfect stocking stuffer to go with tiny oranges! The high was on the relaxing side of hybrids. Nice and calming and perfect for a night of chilling. Or if you’re a trooper with a high tolerance it’s also fine for daytime use. Not debilitating, just blissful and stress-relieving. It’s definitely powerful enough that a little goes a long way. The one gram lasted me a long time.


This is definitely good flower for connoisseurs who like having pretty, tasty flower. It’s also not too loud, which might be a good thing for those looking for discretion, but not to skimp on flavor.