Everyone in Seattle who isn’t living in some kind of 2007 Groundhog Day situation knows about Full Tilt Ice Cream. But have you ever considered how perfect the ice cream parlor extraordinaire is for stoners? 

Full Tilt offers stoned adults the following:

  • Delicious Ice Cream
  • Pinball
  • Arcade Games
  • Live Music
  • Beer
  • Skateboards

I challenge you to find a better place for someone high to hang out in public.

The Fucking Ice Cream, Man

Stoners are famous for their weird food combinations. Elvis loved his peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches. Was Elvis a stoner? I don’t know, probably not. But he was high as hell on something for much of his life. 

Full Tilt goes for it with weird Ice Cream flavors. And not in the same, hipstery, delicate, vein of **rose** and **lavender** flavored Ice Cream, though I’m sure they’ve dabbled in those floral flavors. 

But where Full Tilt shines is with flavors like Candy Corn, Tiger Tail (orange ice cream with a black licorice swirl), and Peach-Mint. Yum, and, in the case of black licorice, also yuck, but you do you.  

Salted Carmel is Full Tilt’s most famous flavor, and though it is less inspired, it is perfect. Full Tilt also has vegan ice cream for everyone who is lactose intolerant or trying to keep our planet from further descending into a fiery hell pit while still enjoying delicious ice cream.

Full Tilt Ice Cream

Photo by Bryan Ochalla

Pinball and Arcade Games

Who loves old-fashioned arcade games more than stoners? Children, I guess. The more I write this the more I realize there is a lot of overlap between stoners and children. Anyway, Full Tilt has Pinball and Arcade Games at all of their handy dandy locations. 

Live Music

Did you know Nirvana played their first show at Full Tilt’s White Center location in 1988? That’s entirely fabricated, Full Tilt wouldn’t make its appearance for 20 years, and Nirvana’s first show was allegedly at the K Dorm at The Evergreen State College in Olympia in 1987. 

But Full Tilt does have lots of other fun live music!

Lots of local artists play at Full Tilt from time to time. Mudhoney even had a record release there in 2013. The longtime Seattle band probably picked that venue so the member’s grandkids could come rock out at the show too!! I kid, I kid. Full Tilt released a special Mudhoney flavor in honor of the band’s latest album. Peak Seattle. 


Full Tilt also serves beer! If you’re not into sweets but want to get in on the fun atmosphere and play some arcade games while draining a brewsky, that’s also an option. 


Every retail store has merch these days, you have to if your brand is at all exciting or interesting… ahem. Full Tilt made the creative decision to have custom Full Tilt skateboard decks that are designed beautifully and on sale at Full Tilt locations. So if you bust your deck on the way to get ice cream, you won’t be in peril. 

Locations, Locations, Locations

White Center is the original, and arguably best Full Tilt location. It is also located just a couple of short blocks from Uncle Ike’s, and across the street from Preoleteriat Pizza. STONER HEAVEN. The Capitol Hill Full Tilt is even closer to Uncle Ike’s, on the same street. Full Tilt also has locations in U-District, Ballard, and Columbia City. Pretty much all corners of the city have a Full Tilt, they’re taking over.

This is not a Paid Endorsement

Full Tilt is not paying us to write this piece of gushing bile. The folks at Full Tilt probably won’t even share this on social media. Cowards. 

This comes from the heart. So go damage your heart with some ice cream! But get hella high first. 


Full Tilt Ice Cream shared this post, proving its bravery and status as a goddess among ice cream mortals.