Green Dream CO2 Bright Wax by Leaf Werx
First Impressions
Total Score


  • THC: 78.36%
  • Total Cannabinoids:83.66%


    I like the fact that this package is red. A nice shade of red as well, with a nice little geometric triangle background. The branding, in general, is simple and nice. It doesn’t necessarily stand out but it’s well-designed and unique. The information on the packaging, however, was a little lacking. No terpene info, no detailed cannabinoid info at all other than it being “terpene-rich,” and “pure and potent.” There was a little peel-off strain sticker you can put on the container to keep all of your extract straight. The back of the package does provide some info on the process, like the fact that it’s solventless, CO2 extracted, and low temperature to keep the flavor strong.


    The texture on this concentrate is wonderful. Nice and gel-like and easy to work with and portion out. The color was nice and light, yellowish and clear. The fragrance was strong with citrus and pine notes jumping out right away.


    This CO2 oil hit like a champ. Nice and smooth if kept at a low enough temperature. The flavor was tasty, like a creamsicle with notes of pine. Very similar to the scent. There are is no CBD in this sativa-dominant strain-specific concentrate, so the sativa effects are noticeable. It’s perky, happy, and energetic, and blissful. This is a truly effective sativa, that feels like drinking a cup of green tea after doing a bunch of yoga. You’re all chilled out but have enough energy and focus to take on the day. Perfect for daytime use, or socializing.


    The consensus on this is that it’s great! The packaging was lacking in info but attractive, the texture and scent were on point, and the experience and flavor were both excellent. If you’re looking for a flavorful, solid concentrate that provides an accurate-to-strain high, then this Green Dream CO2 Bright Wax by Leaf Werx is a good choice.