Royal Grape by Falcanna
First Impressions
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  • THCA: 24.5%
  • THC: 22.7%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 0.1%


    Falcanna uses a clear, biodegradable, hanging bag to package their flower. I really appreciate the biodegradable bag but, I personally prefer jars, so the buds don’t get damaged. Don’t worry, I always recycle or repurpose my weed jars. Each bag contains the required i502 label on the back which lists all the standard information plus the Sativa/Indica breakdown. My favorite part about their packaging is that each bag contains a strain-specific sticker inside and, some of the stickers are slightly different depending on the quantity you purchase.


    This flower is a complete show stopper! The leaves were mostly dark purple but there were some green leaves popping through and the hairs were a burnt orange color. The nugs were completely covered in crystals, making this very fragrant and sticky. The aroma was very earthy/woody, it reminded me of hiking in the rain.


    I was able to break this down easily by hand, which left my fingers sticky. The flavor of the smoke was very similar to the smell except there was a tartness to it; as if you just ate a sour grape off the vine. For me, this is a perfect evening strain; it provides relaxation and pain relief while keeping my mind focused and free from anxiety.


    I’m really loving this Falcanna strain. I’ve been smoking this about an hour before bed to wind down. Usually, by the end of the hour, I’m ready to get comfortable and curl up in bed. Since I mostly smoke sativas, this offers me the mental clarity I need while still feeling relaxed. I could totally see this as being a more productive/social smoke for those who prefer indicas.