It seems like the only bands putting out solid, stoner-approved rock and roll anymore are indie bands. If you went into a coma in Seattle in the 90s, woke up and tuned into The End today, you’d probably think the soul of rock and roll had died. That is until a bumper sticker, or a kind, music-loving human told you all the good rock now lives on KEXP. 

And KEXP is where you’d hear Low Hums. Whose psychedelic, reverb-heavy, West coast sound would reassure you that rock is indeed still alive. 

Low Hums’ most recent iteration consists of lead singer and guitarist Jonas Haskins, Miles Panto on electric guitar, Mike Bayer on drums and vocals, John Faryar on bass, and David Davila on synth among other things. Though the members are by no means tied to their instruments, nor the band tied to their lineup. The liner notes of their latest album Zzyzx reveal a good deal of instrument swapping between bandmates, and guest players on tracks. 

Lead singer, songwriter, and band spokesman of sorts, Jonas Haskins, who often goes by his “Andy Warhol disguise,” Sanoj Sniksah (his name spelled backward) spoke with The Sesh. Seattle local Haskins, who is a flower smoker, talked about the role weed plays in his band and some of his weed preferences. 

Jonas Haskins Interview

The Sesh: Has cannabis influenced you or your band’s creative process?

Jonas Haskins: Yeah I would say so. I’m not smoking right now, I’m taking a break. But for writing this record, my routine was: I would use it at the end of the night to reset myself. Like a really strong sativa and a cup of coffee. I have kids, and after they’re in bed, they go to bed early, it would sort of reset my creative energies for the day. Then I can dive into writing and jamming and that kind of thing. 

TS: Do you have any favorite strains?

JH: Pineapple Express is what I was on for a while. Purple Haze of course, because of the Jimmy Hendrix reference, obviously. Sometimes you buy by the label, or the name, you know? I have the same thing with wine and tequila, I can never remember the name, but I’ll remember the label.

TS: Has weed affected Low Hums’ music, origin, audience, or anything like that?

JH: Yeah, a bit.

Cannabis smokers tune into our style of music. It’s good to listen to when smoking weed or using psychedelics. Being around Washington as musicians there are a lot of people who smoke weed. We do get a lot of people who smoke weed and come to our shows. It’s influenced the band.

There was a period where we would smoke quite a lot of weed on tour. Our thing was to roll spliffs, the European style with tobacco. So we did that for quite a while. But we’re mostly in a cleansing period right now, which is unusual.

TS: What’s your favorite thing to listen to when you’re under the influence of cannabis?

JH: Lately, Santana, I’ve gotten back into it again. 

New Music

Low Hum’s next album, Zzyzx, comes out on November 9th. 

“This new album we pushed the bookends of our sound and songwriting a lot,” Haskins explained. “Encompassed more styles and genres. We went deep into krautrock to some like Grateful Dead cosmic country sort of stuff.”

See Low Hums Live

Low Hums will be playing on October 23 with Wurve and Mirror Ferrari at Lucky Liquor in Tukwila.