Chernobyl by Puffin Farms
First Impressions
THC Total: 17.0%
CBD: 0.05%
CBG Total: 1.067%
Cannabinoid Total: 21%
Terpinolene: 0.6%
Myrcene: 0.35%
Limonene: 0.18%
Caryophyllene: 0.15%
b-Pinene: 0.09%
iso-Pulegol: 0.06%
Humulene: 0.051%


As an animal lover, I’m always delighted to see a friendly bird on the front of any package, and this well-illustrated sun-drenched, cannabis leaf-backed puffin is a welcome mascot. The flat black package is an attractive background for the friendly little black and white bird. The window provides a nice little peek at the beautiful flower. In addition to the nice design, the packaging also provides all of the necessary information. Some diverse cannabinoid info, terpene info, strain and strain parentage. The package also boasts that the flower is sustainably sun-grown and Clean Green Certified. The only bummer about the packaging is that it’s not recyclable. But pretty much none of the cannabis plastic is recyclable, even those that claim it. And glass is heavy and takes more resources to transport….so I get it. I trust that Puffin Farms of all producers weighed the pros and cons of all of the packaging and came up with what they felt was the most sustainable option.


It’s inspiring to see how beautiful and majestic outdoor cannabis has gotten since legalization. This Chernobyl from Puffin Farms is proof that outdoor doesn’t have to sacrifice quality, and in fact, can in many ways enhance it. The texture was nice and fluffy, still dense but with a lightness to it that made it break apart easily and retain the perfect level of moisture. Lime green leaves caked with crystals and long orange hairs make for some truly lovely flower. The fragrance was intense, with a mix of pungent, floral, and citrus that overwhelmed the room as soon as the package was open. In terms of appearance and fragrance, this flower was everything you’d hope for out of some clean outdoor.


I’m happy to report the flavor of this flower matched the fragrance in terms of intensity, though the citrus was a little less noticeable, and a slight pepper flavor was present. A water pipe was used to enjoy this flower, and enjoy it I did. The fluffy texture made it burn perfectly, not too fast but also not leaving that gross end of the bowl portion that some dense bud does. The cold-curing process talked about on the package resulted in some flower that was extremely enjoyable to smoke. The high was a good mix of chill and stoked. The diverse genetics of Chernobyl makes for a diverse high, with the frenetic energy of Jack Herrer and the chill relaxation of Trainwreck and Trinity. The union makes for a perfect flower any time of day, and for many purposes. I smoked it before an outdoor outing and it was super enjoyable.


The attractive and informational packaging, the exquisitely beautiful and pleasantly scented flower, the wonderful flavor and high, all add up to some great flower. This flower is different from other 502 cannabis. It’s might not be the highest THC percentage in the game, but it’s high enough, and this flower brings so much else to the table. If you’re looking for something different, some flower with flavor and texture for days, and a high that’s enjoyable but not debilitating, this Chernobyl from Puffin Farms is a good choice.