White Tahoe Cookies
White Tahoe Cookies Live Resin by House of Cultivar
First Impressions
THC: 70.3%
CBD: 0.14%
Total Cannabinoids: 70.4%


House of Cultivar’s logo, typeface choices, and overall branding are funky and original. The color scheme is pretty standard, but I dig the ancient Egyptian aesthetic. The package wasn’t particularly informative, unfortunately. Just the required 502 info, the strain name, solvent, and the fact that is was an Indica. No terpene info, which is kind of a bummer for live resin. Pretty basic really, nothing wrong with it but nothing special.


This hydrocarbon live resin is really pretty! The texture is kind of gel-like and a little chunky, though less chunky than most live resin. Nice and easy to get on the dabber. This live resin was exceptionally translucent and pretty. The most notable first impression I got from this live resin, however, was the aroma. The pungent, earthy, sweet scent hit me as soon as I opened the little container. It made my mouth water a bit.


After I dabbed this live resin I noticed the distinct flavor right away. It smoked super smooth, which helped me enjoy the flavor all the more. There were some of the pungent notes I got in the aroma, but it was mostly just aromatic, almost floral, with a kind of spicy sweetness to it. I didn’t get any citrus or fruitiness from this live resin, though I know White Tahoe Cookies typically tends to be a little on the citrusy side. This is an indica, but to me, it was such a joyous high, that it almost felt like a sativa. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, and it perked me right up. I went to the aquarium that day, and it made the experience more enjoyable. The fish were extra colorful and fascinating, it almost felt slightly psychedelic. The high didn’t bog me down at all. The relaxing qualities are balanced out by the happy characteristics, making it perfect for any time of day.


While the packaging is kind of so-so, the aroma, flavor, and high for this live resin are exceptional. It would be nice to have some more info, specifically the terpene profile, but at the end of the day, for the price point, the product is great. If you love flavorful extract that gets you super high without giving you couch lock, I recommend it.