Deep Sleep by Fairwinds
First Impressions
THC: 75 mg
CBD: 45 mg
Total Cannabinoids: 120 mg
Myrcene: 29%
Caryophyllene: 13%
Linalool: 16%
Nerolidol: 23%
Bisabolol: 9%
Proprietary Blend: 10%


Fairwinds packaging totally catches my eye from across the pot shop floor. The Deep Sleep line is packaged in a dark blue box and includes all sorts of good information, like cannabinoid and terpene breakdowns, effects and dosing recommendations. There is nothing more I could ask for regarding packaging.


Inside the box is a small bottle that contains the tincture. The bottle has a dropper lid that makes dosing and consuming very easy. The dropper has measurement lines up to 1.0ml. The packaging states that “one serving” is “one full dropper”; and that there should be 15 servings in each bottle. Since I had never used this before, I decided to start with a small dose and then work my way up to a larger dose.


I consumed 0.25ml of the tincture (under my tongue) for my first dose and never really felt “high” or much of a psychoactive effect. I also didn’t feel drowsy or sleepy in any way, my mind just drifted off “naturally.” But guess what? I had the best sleep EVER that night! I woke up very easily and wasn’t groggy or anything like that. I just felt refreshed and ready to start my day. As the days and weeks went on, I did have to slightly increase my dosage. By the time I finished my first bottle about a month later, my dose was closer to 0.35 or 0.4ml, which isn’t even half of the dropper!