Ghost Train Haze
Ghost Train Haze by Northwest Concentrates
First Impressions
THC: 62.6%
Terpenes: 9.73%
Total Cannabinoids: 70.9%


The packaging for this concentrate is really unique. I love the fact that it features an actual image of Mt. Rainier. What’s more representative of the Northwest than Mt. Rainier? I can’t think of anything. The real image stands out among the sleekly designed, branded by focus-group concentrate it sits on the shelves with. It was a little disappointing that it didn’t have much in the way of information. The percentages provided are just those required by law. There's no detailed terpene or rare cannabinoid info, just the totals. Considering the price point, I guess it’s fair enough to assume buyers aren’t as worried about the finer points.


The fragrance on this live resin was killer! As soon as you pop the top off, a citrusy, sour scent overtakes whatever room you’re in. This live resin had a light amber color, and the texture was perfect–smooth and not overly gooey and crumbly. It held together well and wasn’t overly sticky. It’s such an appealing product to your eyes and nose, that if you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to try it.


This live resin was excellent. The taste was really surprising and delicious. It had a real tangy citrus flavor, with a sweetness that reminded me of Sweettart candies. If you like sour candies and lemon-flavored sweets like I do, you’ll love this live resin. It was super smooth and dabbed like a dream. I intended to take pictures of the actual live resin in better lighting, but by the time morning came, there wasn’t enough left to get a good shot...oops! The high was that of a bomb sativa, energizing, giggly, yet still relaxing. Perfect for enjoying a comedy, or working on something creative. This would also be a good work out companion. Providing energy, while enhancing enjoyment.


This is some of the best bang for your buck concentrate on the market. Cool packaging, good texture, scent, and flavor. And an enjoyable high to match. If you’re looking for some solid concentrate to get you high and taste good while doing it, this Ghost Train Haze by Northwest Concentrates is a good bet.