Grapefruit Kush by MFused
First Impressions
Total THC: 63.65%
Total CBD: 5.45%
Total Cannabinoids: 82.05%


The packaging for this cartridge is impressively non-descript looking and polished. It could easily contain some other mainstream, internationally distributed product, it’s sleek. The shade of purple pops and the geometric details are attractive. The fact that it’s a hybrid strain is prominently displayed. The front of the package has helpful little icons to indicate the terpene profile, fruity, grapefruit, and pine as well as the total cannabinoid percentage and the fact that its full spectrum. The back of the package has a little blurb about the CO2 oil letting users know that it contains natural terpenes and is free of pesticides, additives, and chemicals. The 502 label doesn’t contain a detailed breakdown of the cannabinoids or any terpene percentages, but that’s pretty much the only information that’s not included.


The cartridge has a handy hybrid label right on it, which matches the color of the package. For folks with more than one similar-looking vape, it’s useful that the cartridges have a visual indicator of their contents. The color of the oil is dark amber, like most high-quality C02 oil. It fit on my vape pen without any hassle, and I was super excited to give it a try!


This cartridge hits remarkably smooth. It has an easy inhale, and the flavor was good. Flavors of citrus and fruitiness were present, though I didn’t personally notice any pine taste. This concentrate isn’t like terp sugar or live resin in terms of intense flavor. It is tasty, however, and the natural terpenes are notable. The high is perfect for a hybrid. It gives you a nice body and mind buzz that’s equal parts calming and uplifting. If you have some project you’re stuck on and need to just chill out and tackle, maybe a closet or room that needs organizing or a creative project you need to finish, this is the perfect high, it will help chill you out enough to want to do it but it won't get you too tired or out of it to get it done.


This is a solid cartridge. The packaging looks good and has pretty much all of the information you need. The cartridge is labeled and dependable. And most importantly, the flavor and the high are great. While this might not knock the socks off of a connoisseur, it’s a perfect product for anyone looking for some clean oil to get high from, especially considering the price.