Night Nurse by Double Delicious
First Impressions
THCA: 17%
THC: 41%
CBDA: 0.45%
CBGA: 1.4%
CBG: 1.6%
CBC: 1.4%
CBN: 0.85%
Total Cannabinoids: 63%


I like the colors that Double Delicious uses on their packaging, it stands out on the walls at Uncle Ike’s. I don’t personally love the hanging bag as the packaging for a cartridge, I would prefer something that holds the cartridge upright. There is a strain-specific sticker on the front of the bag, however, that is purely for the packaging and not designed to label the cart itself. I tried labeling the cart and it didn’t work.


Double Delicious uses a basic metal cartridge for their oil. The oil is a dark, rich, amber color. The cartridge itself is attached to all the standard batteries I have, you just have to make sure you have one that’s within the recommended voltage.


I was able to draw decent clouds with this but the high was not what I was expecting. I was hoping for a sleepy, drowsy effect but that never happened. I was relaxed, tingly and a bit creative, which didn’t help me sleep. I would classify this as an evening indica, but not for sleep.


Unfortunately, this did not give me the experience I was expecting, and the flavor of the oil was very bland. It still packs a punch for the price point, however, it’s not my favorite. I think this would be a good option for someone new to cannabis because it has a lower THC percentage than some others on the market.