Grapefruit Haze PHO Cartridge by Regulator Xtracts
First Impressions
Total THC: 77.3%
Total Cannabinoids: 78.2%


I love Regulator’s cartridge packaging! The phenotype and strain name are clearly listed at the top and are color-coded to match the pheno. The little sticker towards the top comes off so you can label the cartridge once it’s out of the packaging. The back has all the necessary information, including a link to the test results for this product! If you search the URL that’s under the barcode in a web browser, the testing data should appear. What more could you ask for?


The cartridge has a plastic mouthpiece and a metal construction. I usually use a Veo battery for my on-the-go vaping needs. The Veo requires a metal adapter, which fits this cart perfectly. The cartridge also fits well on this battery, it just sticks out a little more than a half-gram would.


Regulator cartridges RIP; I was able to get a fat cloud off my initial draw. There is a slight citrusy sweet flavor and aroma, but this is definitely not a “flavored cartridge.” The flavor and aroma are derived naturally from the flower. I experience uplifting, energizing and euphoric effects when using this. I’m so happy that I picked this up, it may be my new favorite sativa cartridge.


If you’re into BHO, PHO or CO2 cartridges, then you should definitely check out Regulator Xtracts. It doesn’t say “full-spectrum” on the packaging, but it sure smokes like it. A one-gram cartridge from them is usually around $36 and it’s worth it, in my opinion. I’ve had this for two weeks now and I’ve barely made a dent in it.