Animal Cookies
Animal Cookies by Private Reserve 
First Impressions
THC-A: 27.30%
THC: 0.50%
CBD-A: 0.0%
CBD: 0.0%
Total Cannabinoids: 29.40%


To be perfectly blunt, I’m not crazy about this packaging. The branding is uninspired, even though I love lions, it just doesn’t speak to me. It’s plastic, and not recyclable. The 502 label gives the bare minimum in terms of info just THC totals, no info on rare cannabinoids or terpenes. On the upside, it’s light, portable, and you can see the cannabis well through the window.


Despite my misgivings about the packaging, I have to admit it kept the cannabis inside nice and fresh smelling. The fragrance was strong and delightful. With a deep musky scent highlighted with sweet citrusy notes. The flower was attractive, decent-sized solid, yet easy-to-break-apart buds ranged in color from lime green to purple at the tips of the sugar leaves on some of the buds. Frosted with THC crystals, and furry with yellow-orange hairs, it looked like perfect, prototypical Animal Cookies. The only downfall was a few rogue stems leftover from where sugar leaves had crumbled off. I personally like a loose trim when the sugar leaves are laden with crystals like these are, but when the leaf is entirely absent, empty stems poking off bud is never a good look. The rest of the beautiful buds more than made up for this minor issue, however.


I used a water pipe to sample this flower and it really showcased the tasty flavor. Animal Cookies has a nice complex flavor profile that tastes like a gourmet meal. It has an earthy muskiness, paired with the bright citrusy sweetness that any chef would be proud to replicate in a meal. I paired this flower with stuffed zucchini and rosé of Syrah and was very happy with the meal. The effects of the flower were fast-acting and wonderful. It’s one of those hybrids that really showcases cannabis genetics at their best. Bright and cheerful with a nice jolt of positive energy, coupled with a blissful calm. Making it perfect for social occasions. I personally wouldn’t recommend this flower for any activity that requires focus, because I felt a little too relaxed and goofy to get much done.


While the packaging left something to be desired for me, the flower and the experience from the flower were wonderful. The appearance, scent, flavor, and effects of this flower were all on point. If you’re looking for some high-quality Animal Cookies that is really true to its genetics, this is it. This is a near-perfect example of what Animal Cookies should be like.