When I called Danielle Rosellison, co-owner of Trailblazin’ Productions, for this interview, I started by asking, “How are you?”  She replied, in true Rosellison style, “Living the dream!” Growing cannabis is the dream of many, and Rosellison doesn’t take that for granted. 

The Journey

The beginnings of Trailblazin’ Productions’ journey in the cannabis industry were humble. Rosellison started in the cannabis game the way many Bellinghamsters did. Growing medical cannabis out of her house. 

“I was pregnant with our first child and the person who had been growing our cannabis for a long time was getting her masters and getting a government job. So she had to give it up,” Rosellison told The Sesh. “My husband [Juddy] came home with a great idea, and said ‘Let’s grow here!’ So the next day, my washer and dryer were moved out of my laundry room, and there were four cannabis plants moved down there. And we went from four plants to fifteen plants in the basement, we had a green card. And then we went from fifteen plants in another house to fifteen plants in more houses and more houses.”

Those first plants were grown in 2009, and their medical grow continued to flourish over several years. Until I-502 came along. Like many medical growers, Rosellison and her husband didn’t like the idea of I-502 when it came on the ballot 

Photo by Amanda Mac

“We didn’t go for 502 because we didn’t like the nanogram limit,” Rosellison explained. “Yet when it passed we thought we better go all in. Because we knew there was no way they were going to have a completely regulated system alongside a completely unregulated system.”

So, Rosellison and her husband took action. They didn’t waste any time jumping on what turned out to be a life-changing opportunity. 

“We were the thirteenth people to apply for a license,” Rosellison recalls.  “We did it on day one at 8 am. Trailblazin’ Productions was the first cannabis business to get a building permit in the city of Bellingham. And 156th to get licensed.” 

Blazing the Trail to Clean Sustainable Cannabis

Instead of just looking at Trailblazin’ Productions as a business opportunity,  Rosellison and her husband decided to try and be industry leaders in running a clean, sustainable grow. 

Photo by Pat Beggan

“We are 100 percent LED. Back when we started they didn’t even know if LEDs could grow weed,” Rosellison stated. “The last medical crop we grew we ordered five different LED lights and figured out which one had the least moving parts and did our last medical run with LEDs, and it did grow weed! So we went all in.”

In addition to being some of the first folks to jump on legal recreation cannabis in Washington, the Rosellisons were some of the first people to run an indoor grow using all LED lights. 

“I’m confident to say we are the first 100 percent LED legal commercial grow-operation in the world.” Rosellison proudly proclaimed.

LED lights save money and energy, and are the most energy and cost-efficient lights on the market. Not only are they good for business, but they’re also good for the planet. 

Trailblazin’ Productions is committed to sustainability. 

“We reuse 95 percent of our water,” Rosellison said. “My husband is like MacGyver.” 

It’s not just LED lights and water usage that make Trailblazin’s growing practices ahead of the game. Trailblazin’s use of pesticides, or lack thereof, is unique and pioneering in many ways. 

“We are 100 percent pesticide-free,” Rosellison states matter-of-factly. “We have not used any pesticides from the beginning except for beneficial insects and clean practices.”

Photo by Pat Beggan

Trailblazin’ Productions is one of only two or three Washington Department of Health compliant flower producers on the market. All of Trailblazin’ Productions’ products are tested privately, and meet the DOH standards for clean cannabis. Those standards were intended for medical cannabis but should be the industry standard, as there is no option for medical patients to get their cannabis elsewhere. 

As The Sesh has reported before, the pesticide regulation situation for cannabis in Washington is a mess, so for now, it’s up to private companies like Trailblazin’ Productions to lead the way with transparency and clean products.