Headband by Ayra
First Impressions
THCA: 14.97%
Total THC: 15.48%
Total Cannabinoids: 17.32%


I’m the first to admit I’m a sucker for glass jars. When it comes to reusing, arguably the most important of the three “R”s, glass is the one. This Ayra glass jar would make an attractive little spice jar, or office supply holder, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully, Washington will wake up soon and start some kind of glass jar buyback program for cannabis and beyond, but until then, you can always find a use for cute little jars with tightly sealed lids. The label is cute, and the info is adequate. The bud inside also looks pretty. 


This was just a gram jar, so the density of the bud was pretty obvious. Two small, compact nugs made up the entirety of the gram. The fragrance was nice, not super powerful but definitely pleasant. The scent was earthy and sweet. When breaking into the nugs, the density became impressive. Though small, the buds were mighty. The flower is attractive, heavily frosted with crystals, and covered in orange hairs. The shades of green are lush, ranging from light to dark depending on crystal coverage.


As mentioned before, this flower was impressively dense. Despite only being a gram, I was able to roll the nugs into two small joints and smoke a couple of bowls as well. It smoked extremely smooth. The flavor, like the scent, was pleasant but not powerful. Earthy, musky, and sweet, this flower tasted good, but I wouldn’t say it had impressive terpene content. I have never experienced the headband effect people speak of, with the head tingles or pressure, or whatever people describe. It just feels like a nice hybrid to me, and this flower was the same. Chill and calming without being tiring. Perfect mellow bud for tackling an art project, or a day at the beach. 


Overall this bud was solid. I definitely prefer some more terpenes than this flower offered. But it was high-quality none the less. The packaging was nice, the scent and flavor were nice if a little bland and the high was solid. It’s good, but I wouldn’t quite call if great, at least not by my personal parameters. Perfect if you’re looking for a mellow high, and also perfect for people who aren’t looking for super loud, flavorful cannabis, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s pretty typical, well-grown and cured indoor.