Kimbo Kush by Funky Monkey
First Impressions


I must say, Funky Monkey has some awesome packaging! NWCS really stepped up their game here. I love the creative double-sided branding label, it allows them to provide the required information, without covering up the outside of the jar. The only things I’m missing are effects and terpene profile.


I loved photographing this flower, it was so pretty! This had some crazy colors and TONS of crystals. The smell on this was potent and immediately filled the room with a sweet/earth/musk aroma. My only complaint has to do with the bud structure. The buds looked like they would be dense, however, they were really light in the middle. I was able to crush the buds between my thumb and index finger.


The smoke on this was smooth and tasted very earthy. I instantly felt my muscles relax and a heaviness settle over my body. Over the next 30-45 minutes, my mind started to fade away. I really like Kimbo Kush as an evening smoke because the high itself is not sleepy, but by the end, you’ll be there.


I’m thinking this will be my new “go-to” evening smoke. I feel like the overall product is a great value and packs a stellar high. This was my first Funky Monkey product and I was definitely not disappointed!