Strawberry Haze by Hellavated
First Impressions
THC: 83%
CBD: 0.22%


Pax Pods are always packaged on a hanging tab with a round child-safe container which holds the pod itself. Hellavated’s branding is trendy and colorful without being busy; this particular package is red/pink because it’s a Sativa. Personally, I love all the information that’s included on the front; seeing that this has been tested for pesticides and heavy metals is a huge plus!


So... I had a hard time opening the child-safe container. I know it’s supposed to be difficult, but it shouldn’t be THAT difficult. I love that they include the strain name on the pod itself; how else would you know what this is after taking it out of the packaging??


This thing rips! The vapor gives off a strong (natural) strawberry flavor and is sweet like candy. The high from this was hazy, energetic and a bit silly; perfect for baseball games! I’ve taken a bunch of hits off this pod (over the past 2 weeks) and it still looks 90% full.


I haven’t had a Pax Pod in a while, and I forgot how concentrated these things were. For a 0.5 gram cartridge, they are definitely worth the slightly higher price. My only complaint is that the high tapered off quickly; I was having to smoke again within 30-45 minutes depending on how many hits I took.