Black & Blueberry Fruit Noms by Pioneer Squares
First Impressions
9.7 mg THC Per Square
97 mg THC Total


The packaging for Pioneer Squares is pretty attractive and alluring. It is in fact, what drew me to the product, along with the name. Always a sucker, for a pun, the low hanging fruit, if you will. So, as a lifelong Western Washingtonian, I had to try the quintessential Seattle location in cannabis-infused fruit candy form. The packaging was also informative, with all the ingredients listed, and the needed THC and CBD info on the 502 label. It didn't provide any terpene info, however. Sadly, the package isn’t recyclable, which is a bummer.


The candies themselves are gorgeous. Perfect little squares, frosted with sugar, and with a little blueberry placed perfectly and uniformly in a corner of each candy. They give off a mild fruity scent, that reminded me of the fruit leather I used to get as a treat from the grocery store as a kid. Each candy is individually wrapped in plastic, so there is a lot of garbage associated with this product, which I don’t like. I’m sure the candies are delicate enough that they need some kind of wrapper, but it seems like wax paper or something more biodegradable would work. The package includes two inserts, one with some basic edible information which would be super useful for beginners, another with brand info. The edible info insert was a nice touch.


These candies are delicious. The flavor is super on point. Sweet, but not overly sweet. Also, there is a real tartness which is nice. You can tell by the sweet and tart flavor they use real berries. There’s also a hint of cannabis flavor, which adds a nice earthy complexity to the candy. In terms of texture, these candies are delightful, they are slightly chewy and melt in your mouth. Happy to report- these candies work. Due to a high tolerance, more than one of these 10mg a piece tasty treats were consumed at a time. They worked fast and effectively. For some reason with edibles, I don’t tend to notice a big difference between strains when it comes to the high. This edible used extract from Gorilla Glue #4, and the effect seemed more indica than sativa-dominant, but again that's probably the edibles. The high was mellow and there was a strong body high. We took it camping, and that was a good choice.


The packaging is pretty, the candies are gorgeous, and tasty, and effective. The only downside to this product is the fact that there is so much garbage associated with it. Also, if you’re someone who wants to taste no cannabis at all in your sweets, this isn’t for you. Personally, I enjoy the cannabis flavor and think it enhances the experience, but you can taste it in these candies, even though it’s subtle, so if you don’t want that these aren’t for you. Still, these are nice looking, tasting, and working candies that do what they’re supposed to.