Dabbers in Washington are likely delighted by the plethora of choices they have when it comes to cannabis extracts. From co2 extracted wax to butane extracted terp sauce, those who love consuming cannabis concentrates have their pick when it comes to solvents and texture. 

One cannabis extract product you see less of, however, is good old fashioned bubble hash. Constellation Cannabis is filling that niche with their top-tier ice-solvent extract.

Jeffrey Hubbard, the co-founder of Constellation Cannabis, spoke with The Sesh Seattle about its history and the process it takes to create its incredible concentrates.

Bailey and Jeff Hubbard, co-owners of Constellation Cannabis, are a husband and wife team. Bailey, a corporate attorney by training, is the owner of Constellation Cannabis and manages the creative. Bailey’s sister, a recent college graduate, also works for the female-owned family-operated cannabis producer processor.

“When we first went to retail shops, there were so many products out there,” Hubbard told The Sesh. “We thought it would be pretty overwhelming if you didn’t know what to look for. The one thing we noticed missing from the marketplace, was solventless concentrates.”

So Jeff and Bailey came up with their plan: offer the cannabis connoisseurs of Washington premium solventless concentrate. How Bailey developed the constellation brand is a story in and of itself. 

“Bailey saw a number of stars coming together in the industry from the medical and the black market days,” Hubbard recalls. “So Bailey was able to work with a number of people that had a lot of valuable experience. A collection of stars coming together to form a new constellation, a new meaning, a new purpose.”

From there, Bailey wanted to pick a constellation to represent the brand. She picked the Serpens constellation, it’s one of 88 modern constellations. Serpens is split into two, with the head to the West, and the tail to the East. The split in the constellation served as a metaphor for the split in the medical and recreational markets. 

“So what we’re trying to do with our team of stars from the medical days, is to bridge the gap,” explains Hubbard. “That’s why we have solventless based products. We want to bring the best possible products we can to the marketplace for customers looking for more than to just get high with an incredible THC dose. We’re looking for products that are full-spectrum and more enjoyable than just the THC content.” 

In addition to being split into East and West, Serpens is also the constellation associated with the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius. According to Greek mythology, Asclepius, with the help of another snake, revived a dead snake by placing an herb in the dead snake’s mouth. An herb being used to revive the dead seemed like an apt symbol. 

Asclepius remains a symbol in modern medicine beyond Constellation Cannabis, the ambulance symbol, the snake wrapped around a staff, is an ode to Asclepius, who is depicted as using a staff with a snake wrapped around it. This explains the Constellation Cannabis logo, which depicts one snake in the shape of a C, with another snake wrapped around it. 

In order to live up to their medical-informed, healing brand, it’s imperative Constellation Cannabis produces some incredible products. And this they do, through a laborious and expert process. 

Photo by Brad Sakson @highlyelevated1 on Instagram

The first step, of course, is to grow the flower. Constellation Cannabis grows their own cannabis flower, with the goal of turning it into extract. Cannabis is grown indoors in their Arlington facility, with an emphasis on density, as well as resin and trichome production. Growing the flower to these specifications is important for making solventless hash. It’s also important that the plants are harvested when trichome ripeness is at its peak.

Once the flower is grown, the fun begins. Making bubble hash involves more labor and technique than its solvent-extracted counterparts. Constellation Cannabis is up to the task, its facility is home to the largest solventless extract lab on the West coast. 

The first step is to strip the plant of A, B, and C grade colas, and freeze them within thirty minutes. This helps preserve the trichome head, and preserve the terpenes. After freezing for 72 hours, which ensures all of the terpenes heads are brittle and easy to process, the cannabis is washed and processed. This is done by placing the plant matter in a micron bag with ice and water, which is known as washing. The plant matter is then agitated or moved around in the micron bag so that the trichomes come loose from the plant and make their way through the micron bags, which work as a filter. 

There are several micron bags used in the process. Different sizes of microns produce different qualities of bubble hash. One to two-star bubble hash is suitable for edibles, three to four-star hash also known as halfmelt can be sprinkled over flower and smoked, or vaped.

Photo by Brad Sakson @highlyelevated1 on Instagram

Finally, the good stuff that Constellation Cannabis sells, is five to six-star bubble, or fullmelt, which is dabbable. “The term bubble hash comes from when people would test the product when buying it, by holding a lighter to it. If it bubbled, it meant that it contained THC.” Hubbard explained. Like live resin, bubble hash retains terpenes for that full-spectrum flavor and high. 

The amount of labor and technique that goes into making solventless extract is probably the only reason it’s not more abundant on the market. From a connoisseur perspective, it’s the most enjoyable when done right. Luckily the stars aligned just right, for Constellation Cannabis to fill the niche, and provide the people of Washington with some high-quality solventless extract.