Tropical Chem Honey Crystal by Oleum
First Impressions
Cannabinoids and Terpenes
Total THC: 81.0%
Total CBD: 0.13%
Total THCA: 85%
Total Cannabinoids: 95.1%
Total Terpenes: 2.1%
Caryophyllene: 0.70%
Humulene: 0.30%
Linalool: 0.18%


Black and yellow baby, Oleum’s brand is nothing if not iconic. Black packaging for concentrates is kind of ubiquitous at this point, but Oleum did start the trend, and they pull no punches with their bright yellow logo, so they still pull it off. The honeycomb honey crystal packaging is particularly noteworthy, with its clever little bee connotation. The jar with a silicone lid is not super special, it’s industry standard, but it’s practical and functional. The Oleum logo on the lid makes their containers signature for sure. On the front and back label all the necessary info, strain, sativa, CBD and terpene content, is displayed. Attractiveness and functionality for the win.


This honey crystal concentrate is a saucy little number. It really does look like some raw, chunky honey, and that texture gives way to a terpene profile you can definitely notice when you take off the lid. It’s not the most terp-heavy concentrate in the world, but there’s still a decent fragrance. Didn’t get any tropical fruitiness from the scent, as the strain name may imply, but there was definitely some chem-heavy, musky notes. The texture was on point for honey crystal if a little messy.


The first thing I noticed when consuming this extract, was the fact that it burned poorly at a high temperature. If you heat your rig too hot, it just seems to evaporate it before you can get a hit. If you keep it cool though, like you really should anyway, it hits perfectly. Because it burns better at a lower temperature, it would probably be good in a vape pen. The flavor was a little more noticeable than the fragrance, though it was still fairly subtle. Unlike the scent, there was a bit of that pineapple-tropical flavor in the mix, along with the chem and musk. The effect of this concentrate was on-point, powerful, fast-acting, and long-lasting. It definitely provided a little jolt of energy, along with some blissed-out vibes.


This was definitely some solid extract. The packaging is attractive and informative, the texture is to be expected for honey crystal– messy but workable. While the fragrance and flavor weren’t spectacularly noticeable, they were present and pleasant. The best thing about this product by far was the effect. And that’s arguably the most important thing.