Blue Lights by Burnwell
First Impressions


Burnwell uses a sleek glass jar with a cork top lid. The branding label is tiny, which leaves tons of room for viewing the flower, but not a lot of room for information. The front branding label has the strain name, phenotype, and a photo. The back label includes the basic i502 data, nothing extra like terpenes or expected effects.


Blue Lights had light, flakey buds that broke down easily. The hairs were crazy long and had an earthy red-orange hue to them. The aroma was difficult to determine, I feel like it had a subtle citrus, earthy, musk aroma going on. The only downside here is that it was a bit heavy on the stems.


The first inhale on this was rough, it was kind of harsh, so I ended up coughing a bunch. Right away, I felt relaxed and slightly creative/motivated. About 20 minutes later, I noticed this flower had a headband-like effect (pressure around your forehead) settling in, along with a serious case of the munchies.


Burnwell produces quality and potent flower at a reasonable price point. This was an enjoyable indica and I definitely recommend this to all who enjoy the head pressure effects of headband. It’s not my personal favorite because I don’t enjoy that.