Peaches and Cream by Burnwell
First Impressions
THC: 21.5%
THCA: 24.3%
CBD: 0.2%
CBDA: 0.1%


Burnwell uses a sleek glass jar with a cork lid; this is usually sealed with a branding label. The jar gives a nice view of the buds, but I don’t love the functionality of the cork top. The cork ends up just sitting on the top of the jar, not actually wedged in there, so it fell off when I turned it upside down. This isn’t a deal-breaker but does make it less portable.


I was so excited to take this out of the packaging. The nugs were frosty, dense, and had crazy peach-colored hairs. The flower has this fruity/earthy/sweet aroma that you smell as soon as you open the jar. The buds were easily broken down and left my fingers all sticky.


The smoke on this was so smooth, I was able to take some large hits with my pipe. The smoke itself carried the same fruity/sweet flavors. The effects of Peaches and Cream are exactly what I look for in a sativa/hybrid; I was energized and had tons of motivation, while also experiencing a hazey/stoney vibe.


This was my first-time trying Peaches and Cream from Burnwell and I will definitely purchase this again. I feel like this could be used for a variety of situations. I’ve been using this as my “after work” smoke but I could totally see this being a great smoke for hiking & adventures!